Tanya Becker

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Co-Author of The Physique 57 Solution

It all stemmed from a childhood medical condition requiring leg braces. To help improve her mobility, Tanya Becker’s doctors recommended she take dance lessons and from there she was hooked. Seventeen years later she left home to pursue her dreams in the NYC dance community.

During a break from performing and choreographing shows around the world, Tanya became a fitness instructor at The Lotte Berk Method’s New York City studio — the seed was planted for her life’s enduring passion.

She spent the next decade honing her skills as a fitness professional and developing a following as one of the top instructors in the city. When the much beloved Lotte Berk fitness studio closed for reasons unrelated to its massive popularity, Tanya knew that she had to keep the method alive – she dedicated the next year to evolving, changing and improving the program.

Tanya made the exercise program more fun and energetic by integrating motivating music that naturally inspires each movement. She created new sequences to incorporate cardio, strength training and soothing stretches. The results were miraculous; pounds and inches melted away like never before, replaced with long lean muscles.

In 2005, she teamed up with Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, a Lotte Berk enthusiast with a great business plan, to execute their shared vision of creating the world’s best barre method studio. With complementary skills and experiences, they made a perfect team and together they created a fitness phenomenon: Physique 57.

In 2006, they launched the first Physique 57 studio in NYC. In addition to developing the method and choreographing the classes, Tanya created a unique instructor training program, exclusive to Physique 57 and as rigorous as any fitness training program available. Today, it is that training program that sustains a culture of excellence that drives the success of studios in New York, The Hamptons and Beverly Hills.

In 2010, Tanya gained 70lbs during a complicated pregnancy with twins, but thanks to 4-5 Physique 57 classes per week, Tanya lost all of the baby weight in less than 6 months. Although she knew from her clients’ experiences what to expect, Tanya is grateful to have experienced the magical benefits of Physique — a strong, fit and healthy body and a tremendous sense of empowerment – first hand.

Tanya also choreographs and leads exercises for Physique 57’s award winning DVDs and streaming videos. As Physique 57’s key spokesperson, Tanya regularly appears in health and fitness segments on national TV including the Today Show, The Martha Stewart Show, Dr. Oz and The Better Show, and promotes the DVDs in regular QVC appearances. She has been featured in Vogue, Shape, Redbook, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine and People and has also been a guest speaker at Stanford University and Columbia Business School.

Of all her creations, Tanya is most proud of her children with her husband Terry.


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