Empowering next-level confidence and strength.

A ballerina and a banker walk into a barre… In 2005, Jennifer Maanavi and Tanya Becker joined forces to create Physique 57, the world’s premiere barre fitness program. Driven by their passion for empowering people’s bodies and minds, they committed to making their innovative workout accessible worldwide.

When they met, they had both discovered the same problem – the fitness industry was lacking trustworthy brands that offered high intensity, low impact, healthy and fun workouts that women could perform safely through every stage of life. Most classes delivered inconsistent results; were not customized for a female body; and caused injury due to repetitive motion and boredom from a low energy experience.

Our Story


Jennifer Maanavi partners with Tanya Becker, to create Physique 57.

FEB 2006

Physique 57 opens its first location at 24 W. 57th Street, NYC.

MAY 2006

The Bridgehampton, NY studio opens for the summer at "The Barn." This was the former space of the Lotte Berk Method in Bridgehampton.

FALL 2007

The Soho, NY location opens in the Butterick Building.

JUNE 2009

Workout Series Volume1 DVDs are relesed.


The International Consulting program is inaugurated when Physique 57 trains instructors and management for Plana Forma, a boutique start-up exercise studio in Manila, Philippines.

JUNE 2010

Physique 57 Beverly Hills, CA opens.


#377 on Inc. Magazine's list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America.

AUG 2011

Physique 57 Upper West Side, NY location opens in the historic Ansonia Building

JAN 2012

The Physique 57 Solution: The Groundbreaking 2-Week Plan for a Lean, Beautiful Body by co-founders Tanya Becker & Jennifer Maanavi hits the stands. The book combines the Physique 57 workout with a 2-week meal plan.

NOV 2012

Physique 57 launches its Video On Demand.


Physique 57 Dubai opens.

JAN 2015

Physique 57 Bangkok opens.

JULY 2015

Physique 57 opens second Dubai location.

JAN 2016

Physique 57 FiDi, NY opens.

JUNE 2017

Physique 57 opens second Bangkok location

SEPT 2017

Physique 57 Mumbai opens.

MAY 2018

Physique 57 Manila opens.

DEC 2019

Fitbitx Physique 57 content partnership kick off.

APRIL 2020

Private Instagram debuts days into the pandemic to keep our community healthy, strong & connected.

MAY 2020

Live Online virtual studio is created to offer a 2-way digital class experience.

AUG 2020

NYC Outdoor class launch in Central Park & Battery Park City.

MAY 2021

Physique 57 Indianapolis opens.

AUG 2021

Physique 57 Barre Certification program launches to elevate barre training globally.

DEC 2021

Barre Certification is accredited by NASM & AFAA.

MAY 2022

Drop Fitness, a new boutique fitness concept, opens in Montvale, NJ featuring Physique 57.

JUNE 2022

Physique 57 Philadelphia opens.

APRIL 2023

Physique 57 Hoboken & Brooklyn opens.


14 E. 60th St. opens

So they created a barre workout method for women of every age that not only delivers a safe, exhilarating, and fresh experience but also quickly reshapes the total body so that clients can enjoy just one workout at one location. No muscle is left behind!

With Physique 57 studio or On Demand workouts, clients create svelte, beautiful lines in the body and remain confident, youthful, strong, and toned for decades.

Physique 57 introduced New Yorkers to this fresh approach to group fitness: classes designed to serve the whole person, body and mind. Their method embraces a more intimate, dynamic workout environment based on the belief that fitness isn’t just about results. It’s a tool for becoming the best version of yourself. And gaining strength and confidence along the way.

Physique 57 devotees soon discovered astonishing results with the magic formula of fluid and dynamic strength training movements, cardio sprints, and stretching intervals. Now with studios in 4 countries, multiple digital platforms with clients and subscribers in all 50 states and over 65 countries, the Physique 57 community grows stronger every day. Physique 57 challenges its clients to unleash their unlimited potential. Recognized around the world for forging a strong and powerful community and delivering unparalleled results, Physique 57 offers a fitness experience that touches lives far beyond the barre.

The start of something big.

Physique 57 was one of the first barre-based, boutique fitness studios to pop up in New York City in 2006. It was born from Jennifer and Tanya’s shared love of the original barre class, The Lotte Berk Method. With a deep understanding of how barre workouts can strengthen, lengthen and tone with incredibly fast results, they designed their signature 57-minute workout.

The Physique 57 approach helped jumpstart a global boutique fitness phenomenon, becoming a fast favorite of wellness enthusiasts like Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker. Just months after opening, even the waitlists had waitlists.

Spreading self-love worldwide.

In 2013, Physique 57 led the barre sensation overseas, opening its first studio in Dubai. It has since expanded around the world, with multiple locations across the U.S., Dubai, Bangkok, and Mumbai. To help clients bring fitness into their homes and daily lives, the method was released as a DVD workout series in 2009 and quickly converted into fresh, online workout challenges. Clients can access classes live or on demand wherever they are.

Since 2021, Physique 57 has been opening more studios and creating more online content to bring the Physique 57 experience to more women around the world. Jennifer and Tanya continue to develop the brand around an entire wellness mindset. Physique 57 is now more than a workout regimen. It’s a lifestyle, built around a highly effective fitness program, body positivity and an ever-growing community of support.

“Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish. It makes you indestructible.”