Why Barre Workouts Are Effective

Have you ever taken a barre class and wondered why your muscles could sometimes shake, burn and quiver? And maybe, more importantly, asked yourself, “why am I doing this?” 

“What are the benefits?”

Barre aficionados swear this dance-inspired workout can help you build strength, sculpt your core, and tone your entire body.

By combining traditional Pilates, yoga, dance, and HIIT methods, barre workouts sculpt bodies into lean, toned, dancer-like physiques. 

No other exercise combines elegance and athleticism like barre, which is why so many women love it.

Even if you can crush a round of burpees without thinking twice, don’t be surprised if your muscles are burning and shaking halfway into your first barre workout.

But if you’re used to high-intensity workouts that leave you dripping with sweat, you might wonder if a barre class, with its slow, controlled movements, can be an effective workout.

The short answer is yes.

Here are the top 3 reasons barre workouts are so effective. 

1. One of the most incredible benefits of doing barre is longevity. 

Barre workouts tone and strengthen legs, arms, core, and glutes. 

Barre’s style of working out is graceful and allows you to stay supple, strong, and confident, awakening muscles you didn’t even know you had and leaving you energized and transformed.

It is low impact, safe, and keeps your muscles toned to protect your bones and boost your metabolism, and the weight baring exercises help improve bone density.

2. If you’re looking for fast results, you will see and feel your muscles toning and strengthening almost immediately. 

That’s because the laser-like movements focus on holding positions (isometrics), and some barre classes do bigger, fuller ranges of motion (isotonic), which will take your muscles to what is referred to as MMF or momentary muscular fatigue

Sounds fun, right? 

Simply put, you want to add enough stress to your muscles to stimulate your muscle fibers to grow stronger, hence creating a sculpted physique! 

The best part is this is done in a fun, graceful way!

3. Confidence inside and out. 

Because you are mainly using your own body weight as resistance and very few props, your body is the machinery, which means every cell and fiber of your being must show up and work, including your core muscles. 

A strong core leads to a strong spine, keeping your posture strong. And posture is one of your best accessories for achieving confidence. 

There are many more benefits to barre; however, taking a class is the best way to experience them for yourself. 

Here at Physique 57, we have a few options for you to choose from. 

Besides in-person and live online classes, we also have hundreds of videos on our on-demand platform that you can do anytime, anywhere. 

If you are inspired to try it, remember to ease yourself into the workout, listen to your body, and know that even though it may be challenging, it is always worth it!

Barre Workout Results

Barre workouts are popular today for a good reason–-they’re effective. 

While any physical activity benefits our health, many people see significant results by participating in Barre classes. Basically, barre workouts improve balance, flexibility, posture, and core strength. 

And while it is true that many people see results when they do barre workouts, its effectiveness depends on your ability to work out regularly.

If you push yourself through the challenges of barre workouts, you’ll get stronger quickly because there is less recovery time between exercises which means doing more reps per set.

One thing about barre is that everyone in the room is likely working hard to achieve results. 

So, you will be surrounded by people pushing themselves to the limit to build the strength and confidence they aim to achieve. 

Are You Looking for Barre Classes That are Supportive and Fun?

A total body workout is perfect for getting in shape and feeling strong. 

Barre classes at Physique 57 focus on low-impact movements, and high-intensity intervals designed to sculpt and strengthen your body! 

You’ll work out more than just your arms or legs; during each session, you will also build lean muscle all over! 

Experience an effective yet efficient blend of exercise that yields fantastic outcomes while still being enjoyable. 

Join a class at one of our studios!

If you don’t have a barre studio near you or your studio doesn’t offer multiple class options, you can subscribe to our Video On Demand workouts to try them anytime and in the comfort of your home. 

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