5 Fun and Fierce Dance Cardio Workouts At Home

The music. The vibe. The energy. Dance cardio workouts are created to be a fun and thrilling form of exercise.

If you tend to get bored and want to spice up your routine, we guarantee that all dance cardio workouts are unique and energizing.

Dancing involves jumping, twisting, shaking, and shimmying, all which increase your heart rate.

It also strengthens your leg muscles, especially your calves, which you engage as you move through the routines.

Best of all, the rush of endorphins that comes with dancing is addictive. You can get lost in the music, leave all your stress and worries behind, and find yourself smiling and laughing, even if you are working out alone!

And that’s precisely what Physique 57’s Dance Cardio is all about.

The beauty of dance exercises is that you can do them anytime and anywhere, as they usually don’t require special home gym equipment. 

Plus, they’re great for everyone—no matter what level of dancer you consider yourself. 

With that said, scroll on for five fun and fierce cardio dance workouts you can try.

Get Your Heart Pumping With These Cardio Dance Workouts

Here are five fun and fierce workouts that are sure to make your fitness routine more enjoyable while sculpting your body from head to toe.

1. Dancing Dynamite with Kameica

Need a pick-me-up? Roll your hips, work your abs, and have some major fun with this high-energy cardio party with Kameica. 

Do cardio, core, and more, all on the dance floor as you glide, step, touch, and shimmy through these sculpting dance moves. 

This workout has attitude and intensity—the perfect combo for a half-hour dance workout. 

Stack this workout with Power Sculpt: Inner Thighs and Tris with Morgan for a full hour of fun by design.

2. Dance Cardio: Tone with Morgan and Brooke

This full-body sweat session with Morgan and Brooke will make your energy levels skyrocket.

The workout incorporates fun cardio combos mixed with strength sections to get you glistening with a full-body workout.

3. Dance Cardio: Tone with Morgan and Torrey (Glutes and Abs)

Get revved up with this extra spicy glute and ab-focused dance cardio, sculpting workout. 

This dance party with Torrey and Morgan will get you shimmying into a major energy buzz, followed by steamy glute sequences.

4. Dance Fit Fire with Kameica

This fun and feisty cardio dance party with Kameica will get you ready to move, groove, and soak up all the awesome vibes in just 15 minutes!

You’ll sweat, tone, and work hard to some epic beats. 

Endorphins guaranteed.

5. Dance Cardio with Julianne

Get your heart pumping and a major mood boost as you dance it out with your Physique 57 trainers! This Dance Cardio party is great for all levels. Start slow or light it up on the dance floor. Endorphins & enthusiasm to the max!

Are Dance Cardio Workouts Suitable For Beginners?

Not a natural on the dance floor? Save your sweat for class – you don’t have anything to worry about!

Dance cardio workouts, especially at-home workouts, are an excellent way for beginners to get moving, build their confidence, learn cool, new moves, and shake off any self-consciousness. 

Physique 57’s dance workouts are also great for beginners. 

And while it can take a few tries to get into the groove of a dance workout, as long as you’re having fun, your experience level doesn’t matter. 

And don’t forget – no one can see you if you’re working out at home. 

While dance workouts are great for people of all fitness backgrounds, always be sure to consult your doctor when starting any new type of workout, and be especially careful if you have knee, hip, or ankle injuries. You can always start slow and work your way up as you master the moves.

Remember to listen to your body, as it will tell you if certain exercises aren’t right for your body. Even if you need to adapt the moves, you can keep your heart pumping and reap the cardio benefits.

If you have reduced mobility, there are many dance workouts online that suit different needs.

Fortunately, Physique 57’s dance workouts are perfect for all levels and also great for improving flexibility and mobility. 

Dance Your Heart Out With Physique 57 Dance Cardio

Physique 57’s Dance Cardio uses high-intensity dance exercises to get your heart rate up. 

These invigorating workouts incorporate fun and accessible dance sequences with strength sprints sprinkled throughout to ensure full body fierceness. ‘

Best of all, these are the perfect workouts to do at home and squeeze into your daily routine. 

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