Physique 57 Family,

Our mission since we started Physique 57 has been to bring our method to as many people as possible and to unleash the unlimited power in those we touch. We recognize that we need to be specific and take more deliberate steps to stand up to injustice with the Black Community in the fight against racism.

Like all of you, we have been horrified and heart-broken by the violent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many others. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and are committed to change. We will use our voices. We will not settle for less.

As individuals, we are having intentional conversations and taking purposeful action. As a company we are focused on what we can do to lead change. To demonstrate our commitment and keep on course for the long term, we started a new program, Physique Forward to combat racial injustice.

  • Donations- our first action started with donating proceeds from all Live Online classes on Tuesday, June 2nd to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to protect voting rights and equality for all and to The Loveland Foundation committed to showing up for Black women and girls.

  • Knowledge leads to action- team members at all levels will take trainings and institute action plans to combat inequality within our organization to improve recruiting, hiring, staff development, and community impact.

  • Diversity committee- we will create a committee comprised of a mix of team members, clients, and advisors to share experiences, leverage knowledge, and take our efforts to the next level.

  • Webpage- we will designate a page on our website to relay resources and stay accountable with our progress.

  • Your input– as we continue to grow and learn, we are eager to hear from you and created a new email address [email protected] to receive insight, suggestions, and feedback as we navigate this journey together.

These are our first steps, and the marathon ahead is long. We recognize that we can do better, and we will. We set our goals high, embrace our vulnerability, and commit to staying to course as individuals and as a company.

Our brand manifesto states:

We thrive on equal parts unshakable strength and unbreakable faith…and in feeling strong, seen, and worthwhile every day.
WE means ALL, as an equal and celebrated force of individuals, united by our passion to Physique Forward and create change. Together we rise.
With respect and commitment,

Jennifer Maanavi and Tanya Becker Co-Founders

We are using our voice to share resources to listen, learn, support, and promote BIPOC.

Pulse it Forward on 6/14/20 for the Equal Justice Initiative

We dedicated a free Workout on @physique57 Instagram to the Equal Justice Initiative, whose mission is “to end mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenge racial and economic injustice, and to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.” Donate to EJI

Pulse it Forward on 7/23/20 for KIPP NYC

We hosted a Live Conversation and Workout on @physique57 Instagram dedicated to KIPP. Kange Kaneene, Co-Chair of KIPP NYC’s Leadership Council, shared the important work of KIPP and profoundly stated, “talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.” KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) NYC is a network of public charter schools in the Bronx, Harlem, and Brooklyn with a majority population of students who identify as African American or Hispanic and qualify for free or reduced lunch. KIPP students matriculate to college at more than double the rate of low-income students nationally and complete college at 4x the rate of their peers. Donate to KIPP

Live Event on 8/31/20 featuring Regarding Self

We hosted a Wellness Event and Conversation on @physique57 Instagram featuring a brand-new health and wellness program, Regarding Self. Founded by Leah Tubbs, long-time Trainer at our NYC studios, Leah inspired us with affirmations, a strength workout, and meditation, following which she shared all the impactful components of her new program. The mission for Regarding Self is two-fold:
  • To provide a safe, therapeutic, and accessible virtual space for all individuals wanting to forge more impactful mental, emotional, spiritual, & physical selves through health & wellness
  • To ground BIPOC so they feel seen and heard while building a healthy lifestyle as a form of generational & legacy wealth
Learn more about Regarding Self

Pulse it Forward on 10/14/20 for Dancing Dreams

We presented a Live Conversation and Workout on @physique57 Instagram for Dancing Dreams with their Founder and Executive Director, Joann Ferrara. As a pediatric physical therapist, she was inspired to make the dancing dreams of children come true with a three-fold mission to:
  • Provide dance classes and performance opportunities to children with medical or physical challenges
  • Enhance leadership skills and self-esteem of teen volunteers enrolled in the Leadership Program
  • Provide community outreach and education in disability awareness and tolerance
Donate to Dancing Dreams

Live Event on 11/4/20 featuring Trans Beauty Clinic

We hosted a Conversation on @physique57 Instagram featuring Trans Beauty Clinic. Co-Founder, skin-care expert and makeup artist, Todd Harris shared how this awesome organization helps the transgender community with “more than just what’s on the outside.” This resonates deeply with our mission to “unleash the unlimited potential in those we touch.” Both strength and beauty come from within. Learn more about Trans Beauty Clinic

Pulse it Forward on 12/9/20 for Movement Exchange

We co-hosted a Donation-based Bilingual Salsa Class for Movement Exchange led by their Panama Country Director, Violeta Martinez. Movement Exchange’s mission is to “unite dance and service and facilitate cross-cultural understanding…to be a driving force for social justice.” This international organization has been sharing the magic of movement to underserved communities for over a decade. Donate to Movement Exchange

Pulse it Forward on 1/18/21 for Black Mamas Matter Alliance

We held a Live MLK Day Charity Class at our Virtual Studio with all proceeds donated to Black Mamas Matter Alliance. BMMA is a “national network of black women-led organizations and multi-disciplinary professionals who work to ensure that all Black Mamas have the rights, respect, and resources to thrive before, during, and after pregnancy.” Participants joined to get Stronger Together and make an impact beyond the barre. Donate to Black Mamas Matter Alliance

Pulse it Forward February 2021

In honor of Black History Month, we continue to support these impactful organizations, committed to equality, justice, and lifting up BIPOC. For every live class visit during the month, we will donate $1, equally distributed across these organizations. Additionally, throughout the month we will feature Black founded brands and cultural highlights on @physique57 Instagram.  

Pulse it Forward on 3/20/21 for Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Atlanta and the Asian Americans Journalists Association

We donated all proceeds from our 15- year Anniversary Live Class at our Virtual Studio, split equally between two organizations for AAPI:  
  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Atlanta Chapter– dedicated to “protecting the civil and human rights of Asian Americans in Georgia and the Southeast”
  • Asian Americans Journalists Association – for 40 years, AAJA has been “advocating for diversity in newsrooms, ensuring fair and accurate coverage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and communities of color, and providing key educational programs and training to the community”

Pulse it Forward May 2021

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we will continue to support organizations committed to equality, justice, and celebrating AAPI. For every live class visit during the month, we will donate $1, equally distributed across these organizations. Throughout the month we will highlight notable figures & their accomplishments on @physique57 Instagram.
We believe that everyone should have the gift of health and movement and are taking deliberate steps to make our community of possibilities more accessible to all. Movement is medicine- it improves immunity, relieves stress, releases endorphins, develops resilience, builds confidence, and so much more. We strive to offer workouts for all to find strength within, to not only feel good themselves, but to also be better for others.

Free @physique57 Instagram Live Workouts and Barre Blasts

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have offered a weekly schedule of free Instagram Live workouts and recorded Barre Blasts to bring our powerful method to all.

Open Barre $5 Classes and $10 Workshops on Live Online

To make our class experience more accessible for all, we regularly host $5 classes and $10 extended workshops at our Virtual Studio. Participants receive the full Live Online class experience at a reduced rate.

Healthcare Workers on Live Online

In May, the inaugural month of our Virtual Studio, we welcomed Healthcare Workers free of charge and have since offered deeply discounted rates to demonstrate our gratitude for their service on the front lines.

Educators Access On-Demand and Live Online

As schools went fully remote last Spring, we sought to acknowledge Educators for their extraordinary efforts. We created a special program for NYC Educators to get the TLC they deserve with more affordable access to our On-Demand platform. Starting this September, we are excited to offer Educators the same discount as Healthcare Workers for Live Online classes.

This new internal role of was launched in June. Responsibilities include:

  • Continuity and prioritization- ensure that diversity, inclusion, and belonging are constantly and consistently addressed within our organization
  • Corporate best practices- liaise with leadership and assess company practices through the lens of diversity and inclusion
  • Partnerships- research and advise on partnership and ally opportunities with individuals and organizations
  • Charity and advocacy- make recommendations and help lead initiatives for advocacy, outreach, and charity
  • Diversity Committee- help identify members and coordinate and co-lead meetings
  • Peer contact- serve as a neutral point of contact to receive and seek employee feedback and suggestions
  • Communication- advise on language and delivery of internal and external communications

We are compiling resources to further educate ourselves and make an impact. We recognize there is much to be done to combat racism and are actively planning action steps to improve diversity and inclusion internally and to continue to fundraise and donate.

We recognize we can do better, and we will. Our intentions come from a place of love, and we will stay the course as individuals and as a company. As we continue to grow and learn, we are eager to hear from you to receive insight, suggestions, and feedback as we navigate this journey together.