Work Out At Home: 9 Barre Workouts To Keep You Toned

Barre workouts are increasingly becoming a popular way to get your muscles strong and toned.

These workouts focus heavily on the legs, glutes, and core muscles. But the best part is you can do them anywhere!

Skipping the fitness studio or gym does not have to mean missing a workout.

Even when you are at home, it’s important to keep your body moving regularly and barre workouts are a great addition to your workout routine!

Below are nine barre workouts you can do to tone and sculpt your body from the safety and convenience of your space. 

9 Barre Workouts To Keep You Toned At Home

1. The Absolute Beginner Series with Morgan

Learn, burn, and earn all the benefits of barre in this absolute beginner series with Physique 57 Senior Trainer Morgan. 

This workout includes a 4-week calendar, perfect if you’re still getting to know the ropes of barre. 

Master the method to ignite amazing results!

2. HIIT Blast with Taylor

HIIT workouts are so popular because they’re extremely effective for weight loss.

In this HIIT Blast with Taylor, take your workouts to new heights with high-intensity circuit combos of cardio and strength training. Full-body workout, turbo speed!

3. Sculpt: Arms 101 with Morgan

Grab some heavy weights and carve your entire upper body from every angle in this energizing arm workout. 

This workout will definitely give you a major burn and big sculpt for your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back muscles, all while focusing on form and technique. 

4. Power Sculpt: 5-Minute Abs With Tanya

Got 5 minutes to spare? This quick ab-focused workout with Physique 57 Master Trainer Tanya strengthens your core in just five minutes. It’s an excellent addition to any workout or as a standalone set!

This workout is perfect if you’re always on the go! 

5. Core: Crunchless Core with Shannon

Core workouts with no crunches? Is that going to make a big difference? 

For most Physique 57 clients, it does! 

Join Trainer Shannon in this workout and strengthen and sculpt your core sans crunches.

This ab-venture includes sizzling sequences that will bring the burn to all your abdominal muscles. Create power and strength in your core with controlled and focused movements while using a ball.

6. Power Sculpt Lab: Legs for Days with Alicia

Get ready to skyrocket your endorphins with this workout’s spicy sculpting sets.

Increase your endurance, stamina, and confidence, and crush your fitness goals with advanced variations. 

This workout’s quick-paced transitions and next-level sculpting will definitely tone your legs and significantly boost your metabolism. 

7.  Sculpt: Simply Sculpted with Jennifer

Fine-tune your technique with this full-body-focused workout with Jennifer. 

All you need to do is grab a sturdy piece of furniture and linger a bit longer as you perform the movements and positions in this sculpting workout. 

This workout will allow you to feel the burn as you increase mobility and strengthen and tone every muscle!

8. Power Sculpt: 5-Minute Upper Body with Shannon

If you’re looking to work out your biceps, triceps, and shoulders, you’re in for a treat in this 5-minute upper body workout! 

This workout is perfect for busy bees in need of a pick-me-up.

9. Recovery: Stretch For Stress Relief with Kameica

Finally! Time for some cool down and recovery. 

Melt, release, and let go in this full-body stretch sequence. The fluid flow of movement in this sequence will leave you feeling relaxed! 

The best part is it helps increase your range of motion, decrease stress, and leave you with an overall sense of well-being.

How Long Until I See Results From Barre? 

Everyone has a different experience with barre workouts, but you could definitely start seeing a dramatic difference in just a few classes! 

If you’re wondering if barre is good for weight loss, the answer is not a simple yes or no, as there are many factors to consider when looking to lose weight, and many of them are personal and specific to each person’s body type and goals.

Yes, barre helps burn calories by engaging all the muscles in the body and building lean body mass, which is especially important for those new to exercise.

However, the changes you’ll see from consistently participating in Barre classes are much more than weight loss. 

While you might only feel changes at first, barre exercises will help transform your body into its best version. 

After a few weeks of consistent classes, you will see a difference in your body. You’ll feel a difference in your body. You’ll feel stronger, more energized, and more confident. 

The bottom line is if you’re looking to see results and make changes in your body, barre workouts are a fabulous addition to any workout program and offer a well-rounded regime.

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