Private Training with Physique 57

Book your custom training sessions to:

  • Accelerate your results
  • Gain a deeper understanding of our method
  • Gently work through modifications for an injury

Unleash your unlimited potential with an expert trainer!

The Physique 57 method is extremely safe and will meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey. We raise the barre on training – our trainers hold current fitness certifications & our vetting and development program is the most rigorous in the industry.

Ready to get started?

Please respond to a few quick questions below so that our Client Concierge team can help set up your first custom training session. Get ready to fall in love with the results!

Private Session Rates

Virtual Private Sessions via Zoom: $150/hr
In-Studio Private Sessions: $150-$200/hr.
At-Home Private Sessions: start at $210/hr.
Group Private Parties and Private Session Packages available


*Rates may vary based on trainer credentials and location. The base pricing is for single-person sessions, before sales tax. Should you cancel your private session less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, you will still be charged for the price of the session.

Please call our client concierge team at 212.463.0570 for immediate assistance, especially should you need to cancel.

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