Quick & Effective At Home Workouts For Your Busiest Days

Some days, your schedule is jam-packed and a full 57-minute workout (or even 30 minutes) is just not doable. We get it — life happens!

The good news is that even a short workout can have major perks. A study found that a quick 10-minute workout with one minute of sprints delivered health benefits similar to a 45-minute workout at a moderate pace ¹. 

The key is high intensity interval training, which is the cornerstone of our interval overload training method. In every Physique 57 workout — no matter the length — we combine bursts of high intensity cardio with targeted muscle overload and stretching so you achieve the maximum sculpting and boost your metabolism fast. It’s the most efficient and effective workout method out there, so even if you only have 10 minutes, you can still see results! 

On our Physique 57 platforms, we offer workouts of all lengths so you can choose what works best for you. We’re sharing some of our favorite super quick and effective workout routines that you can squeeze in on your busiest days. 

No matter how much time you have, make it count!

 Our Favorite Quick Workouts: 

Physique 57 Collection Rentals
With our Collection Rentals, you can kickstart your fitness journey with targeted, easy-to-follow programs for just $1 a day!

Bites of Bravery Program 
This 10-day program is designed specifically for people with busy schedules. It includes a calendar of 10 quick, power-packed workouts that are all 15 minutes or less. This powerful combination of routines targets your total body, so you can tone from head to toe! 

Physique 57 Video On Demand
With our On Demand platform, you can choose from hundreds of workout routines of all levels, lengths, and types (from Power Sculpt, to Pilates, to Dance Cardio). For our busy babes, we designed a special category called Quick Workouts. The Bites of Bravery Program is also included in your membership.

The fitness routines are all amazing, but here are a few of our favorites: 

Got 15 minutes? 

Power Sculpt + Core Stability with Brooke
Chisel your core and boost your balance with this equipment-free ab blast. 

Dance Fit Fire with Kameica 
Rev your metabolism and up your heart rate fast with this fun, feisty dance party.

Power Sculpt: Lower Body Ball Blast with Jennifer 
Grab a ball and tone your entire lower body — your legs will be shaking in the first few minutes!

Got 10 minutes? 

10-Minute Core with Morgan 
Bring all your focus to sculpting a strong core — the foundation for your whole body and every other workout! 

Power Sculpt: Thighs with Sydney 
This intermediate level, equipment-free workout class will tone and tighten your thighs for lean, gorgeous strength and definition.

Power Sculpt Lab: Express Cardio with Julie  
This fast-paced, cardio-packed routine targets your abs and thighs while raising your heart rate. 

Got 5 minutes?

Sculpt: 5-Minute Arms with Chad
Sculpt your entire upper body in just a few minutes with this quick, fun, and energizing routine. 

5-Minute Abs with Chad 
Grab a ball and get a super quick core burnout you’ll abs-olutely love!

Looking for more? 

You can find hundreds of On Demand routines to choose from.


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