Physique 57: Voted Best At-Home Barre Workout By Shape

Best At-Home Barre Workout By Shape

Physique 57 has done it again!

Starting in 2012 with a virtual platform powered by female entrepreneurs, Physique 57 has grown so much from its humble beginnings to being recognized as the best overall barre workout by Good Housekeeping and now by Shape, a popular digital fitness, health, and beauty hub, providing its millions of readers with health and wellness expertise. 

And to be recognized by Shape as the Best At-Home Barre Workout, we are deeply honored, motivated, and inspired to continue providing programs that are accessible and innovative and redefine what success in fitness means. 

At Physique 57, we firmly believe that health, wellness, and exercise are for everybody, and everyone should be able to access them in a welcoming, relaxed, and fun environment. 

Today, with studios across the United States, Bangkok, Dubai, and Mumbai, we’re continuing our mission to get more people moving their bodies in a way that makes them FEEL great!

The Physique 57 Barre exercise is more than a just workout regimen. It’s a lifestyle, built around frequent, highly effective exercise, body positivity, and an ever-growing community of love and support. 

You can now experience it in your home with Video On Demand.

Who Is Physique 57 Barre for?

Barre workouts are for anyone wanting to achieve a lean, elegant form without bulking up or doing extreme, high-intensity training.

You don’t need any previous barre experience to do our methods. 

If you’re new to fitness, you can ease your way into exercise and discover the workouts that work best for you. 

Our method embraces a more intimate, dynamic workout environment, incorporating rigorous interval training and creative choreography. It’s based on the belief that fitness isn’t just about results. 

We demonstrate every single move in each exercise and include modifications to help you get familiar with the workouts and progressions to help you crank up the intensity.

Our barre workouts are all about becoming the best version of yourself and gaining strength and confidence along the way.

The Physique 57 Barre Method

Barre exercises are super-energizing, whole-body workouts that are great for everyone, from newbies to pros. Each class builds alignment, strengthens your core, and tones and elongates muscles.

At Physique 57, we empower our community to love and care for themselves through our movements. You’ll love seeing and feeling the changes it will bring to your body!

Our method meets you where you are and equips you with tools to see progress from the very first workout. 

  • High-intensity, low-impact workouts to meet your body at any age or stage.
  • The proprietary process creates long, lean lines that will keep you feeling confident, strong, and toned.
  • Interval training and strength training delivers a safe and exhilarating experience.
  • Energizing exercise sequences to maximize every minute and deliver unmatched results in just a few workouts.

Benefits Of Barre Workouts

Barre workouts involve total-body strengthening exercises that target your core, arms, legs, and, of course, your glutes.

It also includes moves that help improve your overall physique—all matched to fun music—for a workout that’s truly unique and empowering. 

A few classes later, you’ll be hooked. 

Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when you do barre workouts.

1. Improves Posture

Barre workouts focus on strengthening the muscles through the chest and shoulders in barre practice, preventing us from slouching. 

In just a few sessions, you will feel yourself standing taller with a sense of elongation throughout your body.

2. It Targets Every Muscle Group

Barre work every single muscle group in your body. It’s a workout that’ll leave you feeling sore—in a good way!

Barre exercises use your own body weight and small movements to target the deeper muscles that are often ignored. 

You may also include light hand weights to take the difficulty up a notch or a workout ball to squeeze between your thighs to work the muscles even more.

3. Increases Flexibility

You don’t need a dancer’s flexibility to do barre workouts. You also don’t need to be the most graceful person out there. 

Barre movements are easy to adapt for all levels. The stretching interludes between strengthening exercises will certainly help to improve your body’s capabilities. 

The combination of stretching and the emphasis on posture allow your flexibility to be pushed to the limit. 

Give yourself a few sessions, and you might be stunned at how your flexibility increases.

4. Reduces Stress

We all know that exercise reduces stress, but whereas yoga calms the mind and HIIT gets it all out, barre likely sits somewhere in between. 

Barre is also a mental workout. Each movement requires a level of mindfulness to stay engaged. 

It’s almost like meditation, as your brain focuses intensely on each tiny movement. 

You will definitely leave each class feeling strong, lifted, and calm.

5. It’s Low-Impact

A good barre session will have you bending and stretching in new ways, but you won’t feel like you might have hurt yourself. 

Barre is low-impact, meaning it’s gentler on your joints. 

Compared to high-impact workouts like running and weight training, barre is easy to stick with without needing breaks for muscle and joint recovery. 

A long-term commitment means greater results over time.

Ready To Hit The Barre? 

With a combination of moves inspired by pilates, dance cardio, and HIIT, each Physique 57 barre session will get you strong, toned, and healthy. 

The focus is on sculpting your body with precise, targeted movements for a burn you can only get from barre workouts.

Ready to enjoy energizing, fresh moves? Or are you willing to be challenged like never before? 

Whatever you’re after, our revitalizing exercises offer physical and emotional benefits that are hard to find with other methods.

Transform your mind, body, and spirit with Physique 57! Subscribe today. 

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