10 Best Barre Workouts For Busy People

If you take a look at the list of reasons people don’t work out, “I don’t have time” would probably rank right at the top. 

We get you! Time is gold, especially if our days are jam-packed with tons of work to do, but even small amounts can be enough to get in a sweat for the day—provided you know how to use it. Fortunately, Physique 57 offers the best barre workouts to make exercising fun and effective, even in just 15 minutes! 

Finding the time to work out even when you’re busy can sometimes feel impossible. 

Because as much as you’d like to work out after a busy day, it can be hard to convince yourself that it’s worth it when you’re already exhausted.

Lucky for you, we found the time and the workouts, so you don’t have to.

If you’re looking to stay active to keep good health and improve your physique, there’s no need to spend much time doing it. You just need to find the right workouts and commit to a few minutes daily.

Barre exercises are specifically designed to fit into your busy schedule without getting in the way of your free time. 

They blend seamlessly into all the brief moments of downtime during your day—you can do them as soon as you wake up in the morning or during your break from work. 

And at the end of the day, you’ll still have time to do everything else you love.

Here are ten of the best barre workouts Physique 57 offers that you can squeeze into your busy schedule. 

1. Power Sculpt: 5-minute Upper Body with Shannon

Need a pick-me-up for your upper body? 

Lucky for you, Physique 57’s favorite upper body areas to strengthen are the biceps, triceps, and shoulders!

Sculpt them in this quick five-minute series with Shannon! Perfect for any time of day. 

2. Sculpt: 5-Minute Glutes with Tanya

Got five minutes?

This quick and effective body sizzle will tone your glutes and strengthen your obliques!

In this workout, you will focus on one of our most beloved barre exercises—the Pretzel.

3. Power Sculpt Lab: Cardio Tempos with Kerrie

Get your heart pumping in this full-body cardio workout! If you have 30 minutes to spare, this workout is a great way to rev up your endorphins.

It alternates between up-tempo and slow, controlled movements to will leave you feeling long, tall, and strong throughout the day! 

4. HIIT Blast with Taylor

Did you know that it’s possible to train your full body in just 15 minutes? 

This HIIT blast with Taylor will take you to new heights as you move through high-intensity circuit cardio combos and strength training.

Get pumped up in a short amount of time!

5. Sculpt: Full Body in 30 with Ashlea

This fiery full-body workout will sculpt you from head to toe!

You only need heavy weights and a sturdy piece of furniture to get moving. 

In this workout series, Ashlea delivers spicy upper body sequences, followed by sizzling lower body sprints that will increase your metabolism and ignite your enthusiasm.

6. Power Sculpt: Glutes to the Max with Jarred

Take your gluteus to the maximus in this 20-minute booty-focused workout with Jarred!

Achieve strong glutes, improve your posture, boost your metabolism, and build your confidence with this glute-focused workout! 

7. Core: Breathtaking Abs with Spencer

Who says ab workouts need to take longer for them to be effective?!

In this core workout with Spencer, all you need is 15 minutes and a ball to fire up your abs!

This workout will allow you to focus on deeply connecting to your breath and core by moving slowly, efficiently, and effectively. Improve your posture, release stress, and feel empowered.

8. Power Sculpt: Strong and Confident Arms with Brooke

Having a strong, toned upper body will help you feel empowered in your day.

And this feisty, quick 10-minute workout will prove so. You won’t just sculpt your arms, you’ll also tone your legs to get you in the cardio zone! 

9. Power Sculpt: Barreless Full Body with Ashlea

Rev up your powerhouse in this core-focused, full-body workout with Ashlea!

In this bi-lateral series, you’ll work through one side of the body, then the other, and finish feeling centered and strong in only 15 minutes!

10. Recovery: Stretch For Stress Relief with Kameica

Time for stretching and recovery!

Melt, release, and let go with this full-body stretch sequence.

The fluid flow of movements done in this series will leave you feeling relaxed while increasing your range of motion, decreasing stress, and improving your overall sense of well-being! 

Proven and tested! 

Are Quick Workouts Effective? 

It sounds like one of those outrageous claims—get fitter and healthier from just a few minutes of exercise. 

But in this case, the assertion isn’t too good to be true. 

In fact, research shows that even 10 minutes or fewer can produce meaningful results.

But of course, there’s a caveat: to get results from such short workouts, you must be willing to challenge and push yourself hard. 

Fortunately, Physique 57 barre workouts are perfect for people with busy schedules who are seeking one of the safest and most efficient exercise programs but also want it to fit into their busy lifestyles. 

Many of Physique 57’s online barre classes clock in between five and 30 minutes. 

The recorded library of short but effective barre classes means you can work out anytime and anywhere! 

You can sculpt specific targeted areas, strengthen your core, or stretch your way to post-workout recovery in just a few minutes. 

Or, if you want something more challenging, opt for a longer full-body strength-focused, cardio, or stretch session.

Whichever workout you try, you’ll definitely get excellent results, even in just ten minutes or less! 

Quick Workouts are Better Than No Workouts

No more “I don’t have time for a workout” excuses with Physique 57 since you can find tons of classes that are under 30 minutes.

And with some workouts lasting just five minutes, there’s always time to fit in a quick session.

Subscribe to Physique 57 Video On Demand and we guarantee that you’ll find a workout that will suit your busy lifestyle and give you the energy and results you need to look and feel your best. 

See you at the barre!