Barre Cardio Workouts: Are They Effective?

You know that shaky feeling you get from taking a barre class?! You could get that same burn with a barre cardio workout plus an extra boost for your heart muscle!

Barre classes and at-home barre workouts have many benefits. They help strengthen and lengthen your muscles, including hard-to-reach, smaller muscle groups. However, practicing barre consistently can also pay off in other areas, from helping you become a better runner to improving your overall quality of life. 

Cardio workouts get your blood pumping, lower your blood pressure, and strengthen your immune system.

But what do you do if you don’t have time to get in both barre and cardio? Do you just focus on toning in exchange for burning calories or stick to your usual cardio workouts? 

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose. Physique 57’s barre workouts can pull double duty for toning and cardio!

What Is a Barre Cardio Workout?

Barre cardio workouts are upbeat, high-energy exercise sequences that combine traditional, bodyweight barre exercises with continuous, fat-burning, metabolic movements. 

However, the effectiveness depends on the workout you do. 

Physique 57 barre cardio workouts incorporate fast-paced moves for a cardio workout that will tone, sculpt, and strengthen your body while raising your heart rate to burn more calories.

When you’re just starting, you may need to take the exercises at a slower pace as you try to learn the movements, so your workouts might not be as constant or fluid.

You will definitely find a barre class challenging, no matter the level, which will also raise your heart rate even if you’re just getting started with fitness.

But once you learn the different moves, combinations, forms, and techniques, you can do more intense barre classes that can raise your heart rate and give you a better cardio workout.

The result is an effective sculpting, strengthening cardio workout you can do at home.

How Many Calories Does Barre Cardio Burn?

Calculating the calories burned during any exercise will depend on several factors, including your weight, age, fitness level, and body composition. 

Calorie burn also depends on the intensity level of a workout—which can vary widely between barre workouts.

For example, an intense barre workout like Physique 57’s barre workout is likely to burn more calories than a low-intensity barre class.

While it depends on the type of class and the instructor’s style, when you incorporate HIIT-inspired exercises and work to hold your poses and form, there’s the potential to burn anywhere from 400 to 500 calories on average per class. 

Plus, doing barre classes regularly increases your fitness potential overall. As you increase the lean muscle in your body, your metabolic rate will increase, helping you burn more calories in the long run. 

Barre workouts improve your balance and core strength, which come in handy for doing cardio workouts because you know what muscles to use to support yourself during specific movements. 

Barre can also help prevent injuries because strengthening the smaller muscle groups helps support your joints.

How To Burn More Calories in a Barre Class?

Like cardio, speed, and full-body exercises, more expansive movements are the name of the game if you want to boost the burn during a barre workout. 

You can add fuller ranges of movement or speed up many sequences you do in class to get your heart rate up and pumping. 

You also have to make sure to keep moving and keep your pace up throughout the entire class. 

This means when you’re holding a move or in a sequence, you should try to avoid coming out of it early and keep your transitions between movements tight.

Push through as long as possible without stopping or giving up on the move before the trainer tells you to for a burn you’ll really feel and to increase your stamina.

Form aside, get your heart rate up during a barre workout by adding more intense sprints just like high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 

Fortunately, Physique 57’s workouts incorporate various cardio-focused formats, including Power Sculpt Lab, Dance Cardio, and HIIT. 

HIIT-style workouts are some of the most effective when it comes to burning fat and strengthening the body, and barre workouts are all about elongating the body and making it as lean as possible. 

Combine the two, and it is pure magic!

The bottom line: barre workouts can provide cardio training and can also help you build strength endurance, a key fitness component.

So there are plenty of great reasons to hit the barre.

If you’re looking to ramp up your calorie burn or increase your cardiovascular fitness, look for a barre workout that is higher-intensity like Physique 57!

Get Your Heart Pumping With Barre  

At Physique 57, we know that exercise recommendations are not one-size-fits-all. 

There are some who prefer low-intensity cardio workouts. And there are those who prefer to be challenged with intense and fast-paced movements. 

Explore different options to figure out what you need, what you enjoy, and what works for you. 

Luckily, Physique 57 offers barre workouts that are appropriate for all fitness levels! 

So, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, rest assured that we have a workout for you.

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