Are Barre Workouts Good For Weight Loss?

“What is Barre?”

“Is Barre good for weight loss?” 

These are some of the most common questions we get asked at Physique 57. 

The answer is not a simple yes or no, as there are many factors to consider when looking to lose weight, and many of them are personal and specific to each person’s body type and goals. 

Barre helps burn calories by engaging all the muscles in the body, which is especially important for those who are new to exercise. 

The combination of strength training and cardio increases caloric expenditure without adding bulk or size. This means that even though you’ll be building muscle mass, fat will continue to melt away if paired with a healthy diet plan. 

A healthy diet combined with physical activity is the foundation for the most successful weight loss.

However, barre workouts offer incredible benefits that will deliver physical results and build confidence and lean muscle! 

Here are a few reasons why barre is good for weight loss. 

1. Most barre classes use some form of isometric exercise. 

These exercises challenge your muscles without any visible contractions or movements. 

Often holding and bracing a particular muscle can be an incredibly powerful way to target and tone while also being low impact for most people.

So whether you are just getting started or have significant weight loss goals, barre workouts may be a gentle and safe option to get started and have a low barrier to entry for most people.

2. Another reason barre workouts are great for transforming your physique is due to the increase in your lean body mass. 

Our bodies are made up of muscle, bone, and fat and when you work your muscles to that point of burn or shake which happens in most barre classes the result can be an increase in your lean body mass, which in turn may give the appearance of leaner, more sculpted, physique.

Also, your lean body mass determines your resting metabolic rate or the number of calories you burn at rest. This is a great way to boost your metabolism since weight gain often happens as your metabolism slows over time. 

Barre workouts change your body composition, improve coordination and balance, shape your body, keep you healthy, and prevent injuries.

It also prevents the loss of lean body mass that happens from weight loss and/or aging.

3. Lastly, there’s the “afterburn”.

Afterburn is a common term in fitness. It means your body can burn extra calories up to 72 hours after your workout.

This afterburn is especially true if the exercises are high-intensity strength training like Physique 57.

The bottom line: if you’re looking to see results and make changes in your body composition, barre workouts are a fabulous addition to any workout program as you keep your muscles strong and supple, you’ll have more energy, an increased range of motion, and look and feel great.

When Can You See Results From Barre Workouts? 

While everyone has a different experience with Barre, you could start seeing a difference within just a few classes.

The changes you’ll see from consistently participating in Barre classes are much more than weight loss.

While you might only feel changes at first, Barre will also help you to change and transform your body into its best version. 

After a few weeks of consistent classes, you can see a difference in your body, and you will feel a difference in your body. You might feel stronger, more energetic, and confident, and even less stiff.

Can Everyone Engage In Barre?

You might have heard your friends talking about barre class or seeing posts about barre workouts, but it can be shrouded in mystery if you’ve never been to a session. 

Every barre class is different, but generally, barre class involves small, low-impact moves done next to or on a ballet barre or a mat. 

The workouts are designed to target, strengthen, and tone areas of your body that other exercises don’t necessarily do.

It is also important to note that barre workouts are suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners looking to lose weight and tone up to intermediate exercisers who want a new challenge.

It’s also great for pregnant women.

As you become more comfortable with your ability level at the studio, you can advance into higher-intensity classes where weights are added to some exercises.

Barre is especially valuable for those trying to lose weight because it allows people of any size or age group to have fun while getting fit. 

Join a Barre Class That Brings Out the Best In You!

If you’re looking to get your heart pumping, build strength, lose some weight, gain confidence, or all of the above, a total body workout like barre is a fantastic way to get in shape and feel strong. 

Barre classes at Physique 57 focus on low-impact movements, and high-intensity poses designed to tone, sculpt, and strengthen your body.

With barre, you’ll work out more than just your arms or legs. During each session, you will also build lean muscle all over.

Experience an effective and efficient blend of exercises that results in fast fat loss, while still being fun and enjoyable.

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