How Barre Helps You Tone Up

We get it—when it comes to finding a workout that works for everyone, the struggle is real. That’s why we created the Physique 57 method. Our unique approach relies on a scientific formula of interval overload, isometrics, and stretching. This powerful combination is our secret sauce for toning and strengthening your body safely and effectively without the use of heavy equipment or hours spent in the gym. The best part? It’s a blast!

Top 5 Reasons Barre is the Ultimate Toning Solution

1. It Pushes You To the MAX

Our interval training sets are designed to not only challenge the muscles, but to push them to overload, or fatigue. Why? Because that’s where the magic happens!

  • You will burn more calories.
  • You will build firmer muscles.
  • You will increase your muscle strength and power.
  • You will develop a rock-star metabolism.

2. You’ll Find Strength Through Stillness

There is power in being still. Don’t believe it? Try holding a 2-minute plank. Through isometric exercises, we can sculpt those hard-to-hit ancillary muscles, toning, and strengthening without adding bulk for a long, lean, beautiful shape.  

3. It Shakes Things Up

Variety is the spice of life—and it’s also the secret to staying motivated during your workout. Our interval sets are built around variations that stimulate muscle change through range of motion, resulting in interval overload. Trust us—you’ll never be bored!

4. No Muscle Is Left Behind

We designed six sections, or series, that build on one another to systematically sculpt every muscle group and ensure that you remain in the calorie-burning zone.

  • Warm-Up/Upper Body
  • Thighs
  • Glutes
  • Abs
  • Lower Back
  • Cool Down

5. You’ll Loosen Up

Rather than waiting until the end of class, we incorporate stretching between intervals resulting in muscles that are not just toned and firm, but supple, flexible, and ready to start the next set strong.

Understanding the “why” behind what we do allows you to trust the process as you become stronger, more confident, and empowered. The results speak for themselves.

“I have done Physique 57 for years and still am challenged! I love that you never plateau. There is always more you can do to challenge and push yourself so that you always can change more/burn more. Other workouts, you “master” them and then there is no more to go. Not with Physique 57!”

-Lisa Kairis McAfee