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Been to the barre a few times?  You will be provided opportunities to tailor the class to your own fitness level.  Want more cardio? Want to focus a little more on a specific trouble zone?  We’ll give you that and more. We recommend clients take at least four Physique Beginner classes before taking Signature level.


Amped Up!


Are you a barre fly? You’re familiar with our technique. Now it’s time to take your workout (and all that hard work) to a whole new level. From cardio-infused sequences to hardcore ab sprints, your endurance and metabolic rate will definitely get a boost with this class. Designed for clients who are familiar with our technique and positions, Amped Up! is a challenging step up from our Physique Beginner and Signature. (Like all of our classes, it’s intense – but totally worth it!)


Signature I


A great place to start if you’re new to the barre! Learn the Physique 57 barre basics and how our unique formula combining strength training, cardio, and stretching rapidly transforms your body. Using weights, a playground ball, and your own body weight as resistance, you will create lean sculpted muscle, rev up your metabolic rate, and feel a sense of accomplishment after each rep.