Physique 57 The Leader of On Demand Barre Fitness Workouts Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

New York, NY – March 7, 2022 – Physique 57, the premier Barre-based boutique fitness brand, is excited to announce their 10-year anniversary of their highly acclaimed On Demand workouts.  

To celebrate a decade of On Demand, Physique 57 is offering a special, limited time offer for new customers with unlimited access to the platform for 60% off the first 3 months, and then 20% off the monthly price thereafter. New customers can sign up for this offer at

Physique 57 was born from Jennifer Maanavi and Tanya Becker’s shared love of the original barre class. With a deep understanding of how barre workouts can strengthen, sculpt, and tone with incredibly fast results, they designed their signature 57-minute workout.

The workout method is a next-level Barre experience. Dynamic, world-class trainers deliver this heart-pumping, body-sculpting program, proven to supercharge. The Physique 57 approach helped jumpstart a global boutique fitness phenomenon, becoming a fast favorite of wellness enthusiasts like Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Physique 57, the original leader in Barre On Demand classes, have helped thousands achieve their fitness goals in the privacy of their homes. 

“Physique 57 On Demand is special for several reasons. The workouts are great and varied. They differ in time needed, body part worked, props used & cardio vs. strength. You’ve gained my loyalty because of the flexibility I have in choosing a workout based on what I am able to do on any given day and “who” I want to work out with that day.”  -Sharon

The On Demand workouts include a fierce combination of cardio and strength Barre Training that include 350+ workouts – all levels and lengths, and adaptable to any space. The user can create playlists and download workouts, calendars and meal plans. Just 10 minutes a day can change someone’s level of fitness and leave users feeling confident and energized. Plus, the Physique 57 trainers offer unparalleled training, no two workouts are ever the same, and new workouts are added weekly. Users unleash their inner superhero with Physique 57 On Demand and see results in just 8 workouts.

Physique 57 On Demand videos can be streamed anytime, from anywhere. Their videos became the workout resource during the pandemic for thousands of women and men who wanted access to affordable, safe, and clean workout spaces to obtain in-studio results.

“I am so proud of the Physique 57 team and our global community for creating and building our On Demand platform over the last decade. We began our On Demand journey in 2012 and have grown to be a leader in the omnichannel barre fitness category. We will aim to inspire and empower our worldwide community to achieve unshakeable strength for the next 10 years and more!” states CEO and Co-Founder Jennifer Maanavi.

Today, Jennifer and Tanya continue to develop the brand around an entire wellness mindset. Physique 57 On Demand is now more than a workout regimen. It’s a lifestyle, built around frequent, highly effective exercise, body positivity and an ever-growing community of support. To learn more visit