3 Tips When Doing Barre Workouts At Home

Ever wondered what barre workouts are all about? Or are you looking for exercises you can do at home with minimal space, equipment, and impact on your joints? Barre workouts at home could be exactly what you need. 

Barre is a low-impact style of training, which means you won’t be doing any jumping or movements that stress your joints. It blends elements of dance, pilates, cardio, and core exercises. 

It’s suitable for any fitness level and space, allowing you to practice from the comfort of your own home using minimal equipment—a perfect option if you are balancing the demands of a busy lifestyle or prefer to exercise at home.  

Just because barre incorporates some dance-inspired moves doesn’t mean you need to be a dancer to give it a try! 

No dancing skills or flexibility are required for you to do it!

If you’re planning to do barre at home, read on to make sure your workout is just as fun and effective as the one in the studio. 

3 Tips When You Do Barre Workouts At Home

Treat your at-home session like you would an in-studio session and set yourself up for a successful at-home barre workout with our tips below.

1. Ensure you have everything you need. 

You don’t need much space to start your barre workouts at home, as you will move around on a mat, and there is no big or costly equipment required. This makes barre a super accessible form of exercise for all.

Barre classes often require the use of:

  • Barre or chair/countertop as alternatives
  • Dumbbells or hand weights
  • Ball or small cushion
  • Yoga or exercise mat or towel/carpet
  • Resistance band

Try finding an area at your home that is free of distractions and where you can move freely without bumping into anything. 

You will need a mat or supportive surface to provide cushioning for your feet as you stand and for your body for floor exercises and stretching.

You also have to choose dumbbells or weights that are appropriate for your fitness level and give you the right amount of challenge during the workout. Depending upon the exercises, 3 to 5-pound weights are excellent to start with. If you struggle to perform the exercises with the correct form, you can always switch to a lower weight. 

When strength training, you should be able to feel your muscles exerting and it should become challenging to complete the final repetitions. If this is not the case, you may want to increase your weights to provide more resistance and make your workout more efficient. 

If you don’t have dumbbells or hand weights, you can use safe, heavy household objects as an alternative, such as water bottles. Or you can simply use your body weight as resistance.

Either way, we guarantee you’ll still feel the burn! 

Barre workouts almost always use a barre. But if you don’t have one, no problem! You can use a sturdy chair or a kitchen sink or counter to take its place. 

Other essential props are recommended to make the most of your barre class. 

Our other favorite prop is a ball, as it’s often used to enhance the lower body and core exercises and provide back support during ab sets. An 8 to 9-inch playground ball is ideal, as it is light weight and has just enough give for you to engage your muscles without straining your joints.

No ball, no stress! You can swap it out for a small cushion, which can be used for both strength sets and back support.

Many barre workouts also use a resistance band. These come in various levels of resistance, but we suggest getting the medium strength for broad use. Bands can be used to intensify thigh and glute burn and facilitate stretches. You can easily swap in a light set of weights (2-3 lbs.) for strength sets that use the band or a towel or belt for stretches if needed. 

Last but not least, be sure you’re wearing the appropriate outfit when doing barre workouts. You will be doing a lot of full-body movements and stretches, so you want to make sure the material allows you to move freely and is light weight since you will warm up quickly. We also recommend wearing more form-fitting attire so you can assess your form and get the most out of your workout!

2. Plan your sessions and make them happen. 

One of the most important things to do is to pick a time and stick to it.

Treat your workouts like you would an appointment with a hairstylist, school drop-off, or a doctor’s appointment. 

Distractions, such as phone calls, piled-up laundry, mealtime, and playtime, should not hinder you from successfully working out at home and block the time you’ve made for yourself! 

Our advice? Plan your workouts at or around the same time each day to make them a routine. 

Second, pre-select the workout you want to do. 

If you’ve only got time for a 15-minute workout, choose a session ahead of time for that period. 

We can easily waste time scrolling for the workout we want to do during the time we have to do it. So, save yourself some time and have a few options readily available!

Lastly, know the set-up in your space so you can grab your props and get moving.

Space is essential for the workouts you will be doing at home, so make sure to choose wisely. You may need more legroom for some leg workouts. 

Fortunately, barre does not require any big or costly equipment, making barre workouts more accessible. You can get started right away, no matter the size of your space.

3. Don’t pressure yourself; give yourself time to get your technique right.

Suppose you’re a beginner at barre and have never tried it before; no worries! Give yourself time to learn the exercises and master proper techniques.

Physique 57 has a beginner series to introduce you to this style of training, the sequences, and the correct technique.

Working out in front of a mirror can also help perfect your form. 

Because barre uses a lot of repetitive, smaller movements, you will become familiar with the exercises and correct form when you regularly perform them.

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