Physique 57 Joins Elite List of 5-Star Fitness Studios by The Fit Guide

New York City’s fitness industry has a new benchmark of excellence, thanks to The Fit Guide (TFG) and its newly launched international rating system for fitness clubs, gyms, and studios. 

Of the 50 clubs evaluated in New York, only five achieved the highest accolade, The Fit Guide 5-Star Award, which highlights an exceptional overall experience. 

And Physique 57 was among these elite top 5.

Up until now, there hasn’t been a worldwide standard to evaluate fitness establishments, unlike the tried-and-true rating systems for hotels and restaurants. 

But that’s all changing with TFG. 

They’ve created an extensive and impartial assessment process that takes into account over 250 objective benchmarks, developed in collaboration with experts in the hospitality and fitness industries.

Setting the Bar(re) High with 5-Star Recognition

Physique 57 is extremely honored to receive The Fit Guide 5-Star Award for providing a top-notch fitness experience. 

This recognition is an immense source of pride for the team at Physique 57.

Matt Lavender, who co-founded TFG and serves as the CEO of Enlites, a hospitality consultancy, couldn’t contain his excitement about bringing the proven quality assurance concepts from the world of hospitality to the premium fitness industry. 

He emphasized that their goal was to create an objective and meticulous evaluation process, and he proudly announced that they had achieved precisely that.

There’s no doubt that the Fit Guide will prove to be an essential resource for both fitness consumers and studio owners.

They set extremely high standards for the industry, and Physique 57 achieved excellence for nearly every metric. 

The evaluation process for determining a premium fitness experience encompasses all aspects.

From the reception service to the group class experience, facilities, technology, and online presence—no detail is left out.

And after 17 years of rocking the barre fitness scene, Physique 57 is still setting the standard sky-high for delivering a hospitality and fitness experience that’s off the charts.

Besides its other impressive achievements, Physique 57 has earned distinguished recognition in the fitness world. 

Notably, Good Housekeeping named it the “Best Overall Barre Workout Class” in 2022. 

And Shape, a massive online platform for health, fitness, and beauty enthusiasts, crowned Physique 57 the absolute “Best At-Home Barre Workout.”

It’s pretty clear that Physique 57 has established itself as the go-to destination for top-tier fitness.

Next-Level Barre Experience

Get ready to experience a barre workout like never before, thanks to the game-changing method created by Physique 57. 

With rigorous interval training and creative choreography, this program delivers a heart-pumping, body-sculpting experience like no other. 

And with top-notch trainers leading the way, you’re guaranteed to be in absolutely great hands!

But what makes this program truly special is its transformative power. 

By bringing together a diverse and inclusive community, Physique 57 creates an environment that supports overall wellness and body positivity. 

At Physique 57, it’s all about building strength and confidence both inside and outside the studio.

And the results speak for themselves! In just 8 workouts, you’ll see a noticeable change in your body. 

This has been proven time and again, including in a training study conducted by the Human Performance Laboratory of Adelphi University in February 2010.

But it’s not just about the physical results. 

Physique 57 takes a holistic approach to wellness, for the mind, body, and spirit.

This program is more than just a workout—it’s a lifestyle that empowers anyone to be their best and most confident self.

What To Expect From a Physique 57 Barre Class

Physique 57 is not your average workout experience. It’s a 57-minute full-body workout that incorporates their unique approach to barre. 

Their amazing instructors will guide you through the class and personalize the workout to match your unique abilities. 

The workout uses various equipment such as playground balls and dumbbells, to enhance your strength and help you build muscle.

One of the most notable things about this workout is Physique 57’s trademark “pulsing” technique that targets small muscle groups that are often overlooked. Combine this with full range movements that boost the cardio factor and you get a workout that is fun, functional, and ultra-effective.

Whether you’re just starting or an advanced fitness enthusiast, Physique 57 has a class for you. 

From Sculpt for beginners, Power Sculpt for intermediate practitioners, and Power Sculpt Lab for the more advanced challenge, there’s a class to fit every skill level. Plus Back Body Sculpt and Pilates-based Core classes to make this your one-stop-shop.

If you can’t make it to the studio, Physique 57 has a range of online classes available on its On Demand platform. 

From Love of Barre to Global Phenomenon

Once upon a time, Jennifer Maanavi and Tanya Becker shared a deep love for the original Lotte Berk barre class. 

They knew barre workouts could deliver fast results and sculpt the body like nothing else!  

So, they developed their own signature 57-minute workout—the Physique 57 approach!

It wasn’t long before their unique approach to fitness caught on like wildfire. 

Celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker quickly became fans. Within months of opening, even the waitlists had waitlists!

Today, Physique 57 has become a lifestyle brand known for its exceptional service, quality, expertise, innovation, attention to detail, market leadership, and results. 

It has become a global phenomenon! 

You’re sure to find the same transformative experience that has made Physique 57 a household name at their studios in New York City and spanning across the globe.

Wherever you live, you can experience the Physique 57 difference and achieve incredible results on their On Demand platform, anytime, anywhere. 

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