Barre: The Best Exercise for Longevity

Are you looking for a fitness routine that won’t beat you up, burn you out, and that you can enjoy for life? With a boredom-busting, dance-inspired combination of low-impact, high-intensity movements, barre is the answer. Backed with scientific research, Physique 57 workouts are designed to shape and sculpt all the muscle groups—including those “hard to reach” areas that traditional strength training can miss. We ensure that each class is carefully structured to maximize results in a way that keeps you challenged physically and mentally for a lifetime of benefits.

Top Three Reasons You Can Practice Barre for Life

1. Barre Builds Strength Without Stress

Unlike high-impact activities, barre delivers serious results without seriously stressing the joints. All the moves are based on orthopedic and rehabilitative exercises, providing a safe and organic way of reshaping your body regardless of age or fitness level.

2. Barre Keeps You Loose and Limber

Building and toning muscles is only half the battle. Incorporating stretching into the workout lengthens and stretches the muscles, improving posture, balance, and flexibility, to carry you gracefully through your daily activities.

3. Barre Develops Mindful Movement

The variety of challenging moves performed in short blocks of time keeps you on your toes and demands focus to keep the body in alignment. This development of a strong mind/body connection brings awareness to how you move not just through the workout but throughout your life.

Aging isn’t optional, but how gracefully you do it can be. By incorporating barre into your fitness routine, you will arm yourself with the tools you need to keep your body strong and healthy.