The Top 5 Benefits of Barre Workouts

Run faster! Lift Heavier! Push through! In our world of “go hard or go home,” these are common misconceptions on how to get the most from your workout. But what if there was a better way to get visible, sustainable results without the “no pain no gain” approach? That’s where we come in! Physique 57 raises the barre on workouts through a unique combination of interval overload, isometrics, and stretching. The result is a fun, fast-paced, challenging workout that will change your body and your life.

Five Benefits of Barre

Your Calorie Burn Will Climb

Our method of combined cardio and toning is proven to torch some serious calories (as many as 650 calories in many cases). Focusing on your form and alignment cues really ups the ante. Work to the point of fatigue in each set and be sure to work out at least 3-4 times per week to maximize the calorie burn.

Your Metabolism Will ROCK

Our barre workouts are scientifically proven to build lean muscle mass, which is what rocks metabolism and creates a long, lean, toned body shape. Barre can also cause a spike in your metabolic rate for the rest of the day, burning more calories as you rest and recover.

You’ll Beat the Boredom

If you think barre is a “sleepy” workout—get ready to be woken up! The variety of choreography, tempo changes, and timed interval sets will keep your body guessing and your mind engaged. Plus, our amazing trainers always make each class magic!

You’ll Spend Less Than One Hour Working Out

Through our uniquely programmed workouts you get BOTH cardio and strength in only 57 minutes. No more running from studio to studio to get it done. This fusion is what makes Physique 57 so effective! We combine cardio and strength to systematically sculpt and lengthen your muscles in a short amount of time.

You’ll Have FUN!

Taking care of your body shouldn’t be a chore, our workouts put the fun in functional fitness. The trainers, music, and atmosphere all come together to create an amazing experience to keep you coming back for more!

Discovering the benefits of barre will forever change the way you work out.

“Giving ourselves 57 minutes can change the course of our day and our lives.”