15-Minute Barre Workouts At Home To Tone Your Body

Suppose you’ve been missing your regular barre classes; no need to worry! You have an alternative you may not have known about: barre workouts at home. 

And if you’re short on time, again, don’t fret! There are many things that take 15 minutes: cooling down after a yoga class, deciding what to order for takeout, and thinking about a caption for your latest post. 

Here’s another task to add to that list: a workout that will actually help transform your body!

You read that right! You don’t have to spend 30 or 45 minutes at the gym. 

Doing barre workouts, even for just 15 minutes, comes with many benefits, from upping your calorie burn and working your body into shape to lessening your risk of diseases and adding years to your life!

And the best part? Shorter workouts are easier to commit to. Think about it: Are you more likely to skip an hour-long run or a 15-minute energizing barre workout

With that, here are ten barre workouts you can do at home in just a few minutes.

1. Sculpt: Arms 101 with Morgan

Grab some heavy weights and carve your entire upper body from every angle in this arm workout! 

Prepare to feel major burn and big-time sculpt for your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and back muscles while focusing on proper forms and techniques. 

2. HIIT Blast with Taylor

Prepare to have your heart pumping and have a blast as Taylor takes you to new heights with these high-intensity circuit combos of cardio and strength training.

This exercise focuses on your entire body for 15 minutes!

3. Sculpt: Core Basics with Morgan

Here’s a core workout that your abdominal muscles will love: core basics with major burn!

This sequence focuses on form and technique while you sculpt, tone, curl, and twist in this fundamental ab workout.

4. Power Sculpt Lab: Cardio Tempos with Kerrie

Are you ready to get your cardio revved up? The heart-pumping intervals followed by slower, more controlled movements in this workout will leave you feeling long, tall, and strong!

This full-body reset is a great endorphin push any time of the day, even when you’re on the go. 

5. Core: Breathtaking Abs with Spencer

Grab a ball and focus on deeply connecting your breathing and core in this quick but intense ab-strengthening workout with Spencer!

The movements done in this sequence will allow you to move slowly, efficiently, and effectively to improve your posture, release stress, and feel empowered. 

6. Sculpt: Pretzel Party with Will

Want to achieve the perfect pretzel? Work out with Will as he guides you through the basics of one of our favorite moves for the glutes, hips, and waist!

Complimentary pretzel stretches make this a party you wouldn’t want to miss!

7. Power Sculpt: Full Body with Ashlea

Prepare to be challenged in this full-body workout! 

The fierce and intense movements in this workout focus on your inner thighs and target muscles that are often neglected.

This workout will help strengthen your whole lower body kinetic chain. 

8. Dance Cardio: Dance Fit Fire with Kameica

Take the party to your home in this fun and feisty cardio dance party!

Join Kameica and get ready to move, groove, and soak up all the awesome vibes in this 15-minute energy booster.

9. Core: Arms and Abs with Neil

Your arms and core will never be the same after this 15-minute workout with Neil!

The core muscles are integral to overall muscle symmetry and total body strength. And this fun and uplifting workout is designed to strengthen and stabilize your core in as little time as possible. 

Grab your weights and get ready to feel the burn with this advanced core blasting sequence!

10. Recovery: Dynamic Stretch with Jennifer

Time for some recovery!

Stretch, soothe, and destress with these ballet-inspired moves by Jennifer!

Grab a chair and alternate between static and dynamic stretching to release your hips, hamstrings, obliques, and more. 

Take time to improve your range of motion, increase flexibility, and enjoy all the relaxing effects of stretching. 

Are 15-Minute Barre Exercises a Good Workout?

Contrary to popular belief, workouts, especially barre, don’t need to be too long to be effective. 

In fact, just 15 minutes of work out per day increases your lifespan, improves cardiovascular and metabolic health, and even sharpens cognitive function. 

Barre workouts look easy, especially if you’re used to strength training and HIIT workouts that look intense. 

But don’t let that deter you from giving it a try! We guarantee that barre will challenge you with its low-impact movements. 

Barre workouts are challenging for our bodies differently than traditional strength training. 

Working for each muscle group through small, targeted movements, high repetitions, and lighter weights or just body weight found in barre workouts are great for building deep core strength and strengthening the stabilizing muscles around the joints.


When you’re strapped for time or trying to begin your health and fitness journey, you can definitely squeeze in and enjoy these 15-minute barre workouts in the comfort of your home!

15 minutes may not seem like a lot of time to you, but fitness experts and scientific studies agree it’s enough to make a difference. 

Remember, any amount of exercise is better than zero.

And if you’re new to fitness or haven’t been active in a long time, a short, 15-minute workout may be best to start with. 

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