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    "It tones my butt, thighs and arms like no other workout"
    -Emmy Rossum
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“Change your body.”

 “Your best ever arms, abs & legs."

“My thighs are more toned, my butt’s lifted, and now I can say my saddlebags are a non-issue.”
– Erin Andrews

"My butt is higher and I love my thighs and arms." - Kelly Ripa

The Physique 57 Difference.

Eight workouts to visible results. Seriously. 

It’s an unprecedented fitness model. And it’s changing the way people look, feel and live. It’s the Physique 57 workout, a unique blend of barre-based exercises with intervals of cardio, strength training, stretching and recovery. Arms, thighs, seats and abs are sculpted in the form of long, lean, gorgeous muscles, while hearts and minds are empowered like never before. 

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Physique 57 video on-demand workouts. Choose from various workouts to get long, lean muscles and achieve a sculpted physique from wherever you are. Click below to get started.

$5 - $7 / rental or $57 / month Get Started

Physique 57

The better you look, the better you'll feel. At Physique 57 we are dedicated to transforming bodies with our proven and unique exercise method.


Shown to the right: The Ultimate Physique 57 Workout Kit $99.90