It’s even better than you think!

Take a look at what at what people have to say about our Barre Certification Program.

“My training with Physique 57 prepared me for a decade of success in the fitness industry. I have gone on to certify in several other modalities and each time I have felt like I had a leg up on everyone else in my training cohort because of my transformative experience learning how to teach barre at Physique 57. They have distilled the art of leading group exercise into a replicable science.”



“I’m just starting a pivot to move into fitness. I’ve been training a client for 4 months now. Given the first few modules that we’ve done, I decided to test it out and incorporate it into my training. He was like, “Natalie, this is the best session that I’ve had with you.” I told him that I am going through this certification and he said, “Already worth the money! I already notice the difference.”

“Learning the technique via Barre Academy proved to be an incredibly seamless and interactive experience! On my own pacing, I learned two Sculpt class formats and received feedback throughout my studies. All the videos and quizzes were clear, and I completed the courses with a comprehensive understanding of all the material.”



“I cannot credit the expertise of the wonderful mentors of Physique 57 enough for the thorough knowledge of barre form that has guided my teaching career. Safely challenging clients is so important, and no one does it better than Physique 57!”

“Studio owners and clients around the country respect the Physique 57 brand. When a studio sees that I trained at Physique 57 they are confident that I will teach a consistent, upbeat, and challenging class, and when a client knows my background, they trust that I will give them a rigorous yet safe workout.”



“The clarity, confidence, passion, and dedication that Master Trainer Ashlea virtually projects in every training session for the Physique 57 Barre Academy helps one feel very welcomed and safe as they jump into a new learning process. It is a tremendous opportunity to have this incredible trainer giving you step by step feedback as if it were in person, but with the advantage of having it accessible 24/7 from home. Having all the resources available in the palm of your hand and being able to review it anytime you want is so helpful. I love learning from Ashlea, I love the online course, and I love Physique 57!!” 

“Physique 57’s safe, yet challenging, effective and fun training method helped me take my group fitness career to the next level. Their attention to detail and client focused approach is the best there is in the barre world! “



“My training at Physique 57 was instrumental in shaping the way I approach teaching group fitness and personal training clients, especially preparing me for how to seamlessly sequence a Barre style class with a focus on musicality, working with injury and prenatal modifications, and truly being able to deliver personalized training, client connections, positive attention, and FUN within a group fitness setting.”

“I’ve taken hundreds of hours of Physique 57 classes. Going through these modules is very different than being a participant of the class. Having someone walk me through the mechanics and really take the time to explain the rationale of each position to teach the method, not take it. That shift made such a difference in how I walk someone through barre.”


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