Empowering next-level confidence and strength

Physique 57 is an international fitness and media company, founded by former Wall Street professional, Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, and wellness expert, Tanya Becker. Their method embraces a dynamic workout environment, incorporating rigorous interval training and creative choreography. It’s based on the belief that fitness isn’t just about results. It’s a tool for becoming the best version of yourself. And gaining strength and confidence along the way.

The start of something big

Physique 57 was one of the first barre-based, boutique fitness studios to pop up in New York City in 2006. It was born from Jennifer and Tanya’s shared love of the original barre class, The Lotte Berk Method. With a deep understanding of how barre workouts can strengthen, lengthen and tone with incredibly fast results, they designed their signature 57-minute workout.

The Physique 57 approach helped jumpstart a global boutique fitness phenomenon, becoming a fast favorite of wellness enthusiasts like Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker. Just months after opening, even the waitlists had waitlists.

Spreading self-love worldwide

In 2013, Physique 57 led the barre sensation overseas, opening its first studio in Dubai. It has since expanded around the world, with multiple locations across the U.S., Dubai, Bangkok, Mumbai and Manila. To help clients bring fitness into their home and daily lives, the method was released as a DVD workout series in 2009 and eventually converted into fresh, online workout challenges. Clients can access classes live or on demand wherever they are.

Today, Jennifer and Tanya continue to develop the brand around an entire wellness mindset. Physique 57 is now more than a workout regimen. It’s a lifestyle, built around frequent, highly effective exercise, body positivity and an ever-growing community of support.


Hitting the barre at Physique 57 means pushing your limits and opening yourself up to change. But trust us when we tell you – it’s worth it. Our clients tell us all the time that they’ve never experienced workouts – or seen results – like ours. (And we’ll note here that they’re smiling when they do it!)

“Strong is a good look” I’m so thankful to have found this workout and I tell people all the time about it” -Amy R.

“I have never allowed people to take pictures of me in a bikini, but now I don’t care, snap away!” -Laura C.

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