I have been doing Physique 57 since the studio opened its doors in 2006, and I look and feel great. Once I turned 40 I began to think that I should start doing pure cardio classes to work my heart. But I decided to stay true to Physique 57′s mix of cardio, strength training and stretching. Well I was pleasantly surprised when I went to my doctor for my annual exam. She did a cardiogram and told me I had the heart of someone who ran/jogged every day! She could not believe what great condition my heart was in. I am now thrilled to know that Physique 57 not only makes me long and lean, but also works my heart as well. —S.D.

Kelly Ripa turned me on to Physique 57 and I absolutely love it! I have tried every workout known to man and Physique 57 is by far the most efficient, body changing workout I’ve done!!! I love that it’s 57 minutes of fat burning, body sculpting magic! It’s my new secret weapon! —Lisa Rinna, Actor

Physique 57 is fantastic. In a matter of weeks it completely transformed my body! It’s incredible to see changes you never thought would be possible so quickly. I would recommend this system to anyone looking to get in shape. —Zooey Deschanel, Actor, Singer

Every workout before Physique 57 was a complete sham! I’m wearing jeans from High School! —Parker Posey, Actor

I lost 4 pounds and 1.5 inches off my waist in the first 10 days! Love the efficiency and the effectiveness of this workout! Thank you for helping this new mommy get her “real” body back! “9 months up, 9 months down” won’t be true for me thanks to your program! —S.M.A.

I’ve been striving for balance in all aspects of my life and Physique 57 fits in perfectly. It truly is a fully balanced mind, body, & soul experience. Over the past six months, Physique 57 has helped me grow physically and mentally after years of inactivity. I feel more confident and stronger with a renewed zest for life. Every class is a combination of fun and challenges which unleash my inner dancer and push me past my limits. The instructors are of the highest caliber, well-trained, and supportive. I’ve tried many different studios, gyms, techniques, and methodologies and this is by far the most unique. I’ve never experienced an environment where the instructors provide individual attention and corrections during class. Overall, the staff (instructors & front desk) is warm, friendly, and caring I feel at home and welcomed by all. I am a devoted student and look forward to many more years with Physique 57. Thank you for being part of my journey and enhancing my life! —J.H.

I despise exercise, but this is totally addicting! I think it’s the fact that you notice results so quickly if you are consistent! This is the only thing that has really ever worked for me! Love it!!! —S.C.H.

The workouts helped me through 2 pregnancies and helped me get back into my clothes within weeks, not months, of delivering both babies. I now look better than I ever did before being pregnant. —M.L.

The Mat 57 and Physique 57 classes when taken alternately are incredibly focused and are the most efficient use of 57 minutes of my day! The benefit of increased stamina has carried over to other aspects of my life, I’m more competitive in tennis and I’m able to keep up with my tween/teen kids. I absolutely feel transformed. —L.G.

The energy of the instructors, great music, serene atmosphere, and the immediate differences I noticed in my body made it impossible for me NOT to go back. Since becoming a regular at your studio, I have lost (and kept off!) twelve pounds and three sizes that I had been “meaning to do something about” for years. I’m not normally one to write testimonials, but your studio has made an immeasurable difference in my life. This is the only workout I have ever been able to maintain on a regular basis, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. —S.C.

I was immediately drawn in by the combination of overall benefits that would be achieved (i.e. lean muscle development, overall core strengthening, enhanced flexibility, etc.) and the proclamation that it is the most effective workout in New York. —J.C.

It’s a great place and the hardest hour you’ll ever love. —J.P.

The benefits are quite amazing with greater flexibility, stronger muscles and weight loss (15+ lbs in fact). —R.N.

Physique 57 has brought back the lithe look of a dancer’s body that I kept striving to reclaim. A year later, I am still one dress size smaller, buying new skinny jeans and mini skirts and back to my college weight. The lively music and enthusiasm of the teachers coupled with the continued results keeps me coming back for more and referring my friends. —E.R.

In preparation for my wedding in October, I decided to rejuvenate my regular exercise regimen by taking a different type of exercise…by taking three classes a week at Physique 57 that’s exactly what I received! —K.R.

I am particularly impressed with the professionalism and technical skills of each instructor who provides gentle corrections to my position and alignment throughout the class. This individualized attention combined with the total body workout far surpasses any personal training session or other group exercise class I have taken. I rely on this invigorating and precise method of exercise to keep me in shape and feeling great. —S.T., Physical Therapist

This class really gets you in shape. It keeps you going because the atmosphere of the class is so motivating. —Larry Foote, Inside Linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers.

…the best results in New York City! —J.E.

..so many experienced and highly talented people sharing and working with each other and applying the method to our various bodies. —W.J.

This is an extremely tough workout, but the results are immediate. —E.S.

I took classes regularly from the day I found out I was pregnant until I went into labor. I found the prenatal classes very safe and effective – with thoughtful modifications designed to address common pregnancy concerns. Now, 10 weeks after my baby girl was born – and 10 days shy of my 40th birthday – I fit into my prepregancy clothes and have tons of energy. —T.B.

After a week of Physique 57 classes I was hooked. While I am proud of the shape I am in and the fact that I have dropped two jean sizes, Physique 57 has brought me so much more than that. It has elevated my mood, my energy level, and my general well-being. I am more flexible and strong than I’ve been in my life and feel lucky to have found Physique 57. —S.W.

It’s the first time in my life that I look forward to exercising. The proof is in the results: When recently trying on a pair of jeans, the salesperson said, “your butt looks great!” and I responded, “it better! I’ve been literally working my butt off!” —L.W.

I have lost my last few pounds of baby weight and reclaimed my abs. It is the most challenging form of exercise I have ever done. The mental challenge and purity of results are unmatched. —C.C.

My overall physical appearance and self-awareness has improved dramatically. —K.G.

NOTHING compares to Physique 57 in terms of virtually instantly reshaping the body. Within only a few weeks I noticed an extraordinary difference in my muscle tone, flexibility, posture, and waist size! It is really a revolutionary technique. —C.H.

I was able to see results in 2 weeks, my clothes fit again and I felt much better. —E.S.

I call it “the solution”. I have now lost the 8 lbs I gained from the body building classes and I keep dropping. I am so much more fit then I have ever been. —M.B.

The teachers are exceptional and well trained. It is important to me to have proper form and body alignment to avoid injury, and I appreciate the teachers’ attentiveness and astute corrections. —R.L.

I attribute Physique 57 not just to my overall health with the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum recovery but also with my positive attitude about all of it. —W.B.L.

I noticed a change in the way my clothes were fitting me and people at work were complimenting me on my weight loss…I had lost a total of 8 inches on my waist, hips and thigh. —J.C.

It is an addicting work out. It is the first time in years that I see how my body is changing! —N.B.