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Do you live on or near West 73rd Street? Is your office just around the corner or in the neighborhood? Physique 57 makes it easier to challenge yourself with intense barre exercise classes at a convenient location.

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Stop by our West 73rd location and discover one of the best fitness studios in NYC.

Get the Advantages of the Barre

Barre exercise classes may surprise you. At first glance, they seem like a series of subtle or moderate movements. However, those movements stimulate even the smallest muscles in your body.

With regular NYC exercise classes at Physique 57, you should begin to see a noticeable difference in your core, abs, glutes and other areas of the body. Many members are surprised by the changes they experience in as few as eight weeks of consistently visiting our West 73rd studio.


Great Motivators Equal Great Results

Our motivational instructors are key elements to the success of Physique 57 and its members.

Every barre exercise class motivator must hold exceptional credentialing and expertise to join our team. This ensures you always get the best barre instructor, no matter which class you take. We’re sure you’ll appreciate our motivators’ methods, abilities and guidance.

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Challenge Yourself to Grow

Do you feel like your workouts have reached a frustrating plateau? You owe it to yourself to stop by Physique 57 and try barre classes.

Our bodies are designed for efficiently. Unfortunately, that means they become accustomed to a steady diet of the same-old, same-old routines. Adding barre exercises to the mix switches your muscular response and encourages muscle groups to lengthen and get stronger.

If you want to truly grow in your physical abilities, take a test drive at the barre with us.


Amenities You Expect From the Best Barre Studio in NYC

We like to think we have thought of everything for our members. That’s why you’ll always feel welcomed and comfortable at our West 73rd location. We never skimp on the amenities or customer service. And you get the great results.

Add Barre Exercises to Your Calendar

We all have mile-long to-do lists, not to mention hectic schedules. No matter how intense your day gets, if you can spare a few minutes, you will have time for some cardio barre workouts.

Check our calendar of barre classes in NYC frequently and set aside “me time” at Physique 57. Science proves getting regular exercises not only challenges your body and brain, but allows you to return to work and home life with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and energy.

Isn’t it time to do something good for yourself? Join our barre family on West 73rd today.

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