Physique 57 Barre FiDi Fitness Classes – Financial District Location

55 Broadway #1602

New York, NY 10006

Phone: (212) 747-0570

Email: [email protected]

Why leave the Financial District to attend Physique 57 NYC fitness classes? We offer a conveniently located FiDi studio for members to experience the best barre workouts that match their busy lifestyles and schedules.

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Discover the body, mind and spirit benefits of barre without leaving the FiDi area.

Welcoming Fitness Studio in FiDi

Our FiDi barre fitness studio offers all the amenities and support you need to get started on your barre experience. If you’re already familiar with the advantages of barre, you’ll appreciate the supportive atmosphere of our FiDi location.

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From the moment you walk into the studio, you’ll be surrounded by professionals who want to motivate and guide you to reach your untapped potential. Being a member of Physique 57 means pushing yourself beyond your limits with a little boost from a personal cheering section.

Reach Your Fitness Goals With Physique 57 FiDi Classes

Do you feel like your current fitness regimen is leaving you without results? Is it time to switch up your routine and engage your body using proven barre concepts and movements?

Our FiDi barre professionals will help you get closer to your ultimate fitness goals. Talk to us about the differences you want to see, and allow us to guide and support you to unparalleled success.

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Convenient and Efficient: The Barre Workout

You have a limited amount of time to engage in your workout routines. That’s why we offer our FiDi barre classes at convenient times morning, afternoon and evening. No matter how hectic your schedule, you can fit in a visit to our FiDi studio for a rapid workout that produces incredible results.

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to barre. Each movement engages a muscle or muscle group, pushing it to the limit. Over time, even your smallest muscles will become stronger, leaner and more responsive, leaving you feeling and looking better in as little as eight weeks.


Plan a Visit to Our FiDi Barre Fitness Studio

Finding the right fitness facility for your objectives can be tough. We invite you to visit our FiDi barre studio location to discover one of the best fitness studios in the region. Whether you live or work in the FiDi area, you’ll appreciate how simple it is to become a Physique 57 family member.

Watch the Transformation Occur

Are you seeking dramatic results from your fitness routine? Over time, our bodies get accustomed to repeated workouts. Barre adds new moves into the mix, causing your muscles to reactivate and engage. At the same time, you’ll undergo a stimulating mental experience thanks to our professional motivators who lead with authority, integrity and expertise.