Physique 57 NYC Fitness Studios – 57th Street Location

24 W 57th St #805

New York, NY 10019

Phone: (212) 399-0570

Email: [email protected]

Fitness Classes NYC

Physique 57 offers a welcoming, supportive environment for women who want to get the benefits of taking the best barre classes in the city.

Located on 57th Street, our fitness studio provides a comfortable atmosphere with top-notch amenities and unsurpassed customer service. Discover what it means to be truly motivated and become a member of our highly rated fitness classes today.

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Drive Yourself to Physical Success

You have fitness and health goals. Physique 57 is set up to help you achieve your objectives.

From the moment that you step foot into our NYC studio, you’ll feel the warmth. Our motivational team of instructors and staff work with you to get closer to becoming the best “you” possible. Let us provide you with guidance and support as you conquer the world of barre classes.


Efficient, Stimulating NYC Barre Classes

Tired of not getting what you need out of your fitness classes? At Physique 57, we utilize the elements of barre, a unique style of convenient, efficient workout.

Barre movements may seem subtle, but each one has a specific purpose to strengthen, tone and lengthen particular areas of your body. Throughout each barre class, you will be guided into positions that work even the smallest muscles and muscle groups. In a short period of time, you can see visible changes in your mirror.

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Accommodating Barre Fitness Class Schedules

You lead a busy lifestyle. We understand. All barre fitness classes in NYC are offered at times that work within your hectic schedule. Never worry that you have to maneuver your schedule to fit ours. Check out the classes that we run and pick the ones that work best for you.

Transformative Results

Many Physique 57 members report seeing dramatic results in as little as eight classes. The newer you are to barre fitness classes, the faster you’ll likely see the changes in your body.

Barre is unlike any other type of physical activity because it activates so many traditionally unused muscles. Discover untapped potential and capabilities with the help of our motivational team. Your mind and body will never be the same when you introduce yourself to the essence of the barre.


Guided Barre Classes With Professional Motivators

Each barre class at the Physique 57 NYC fitness studio is led by a professional trainer with extensive credentials and a belief in continuous personal improvement. This includes at least 200 hours of proven barre experience prior to stepping foot into our barre classes.

Get motivated today with our team of incredibly talented barre trainers, and feel free to tap into their expertise every time you visit our NYC location for cardio barre classes.