Best Streaming Workouts

No time to visit your favorite health club? It’s never a problem when you have a Physique 57 streaming workout video membership. Our streaming workout videos are ready when you are, and always available around-the-clock. Enjoy intense, challenging and fun fitness classes when you want them. It’s the easiest way to get and stay in amazing shape!

Control Your Workout Schedule With Ease

A streaming exercise class gives you the ultimate control over your jam-packed schedule. By offering you the chance to take barre exercise classes when you have the time, you get tons of advantages:

  • Convenience. What could be more convenient than being able to enjoy the best streaming fitness classes when you have a moment or hour to spare? Our streaming exercise videos allow you to make the most of your time, which means you never have to worry about missing a workout again!
  • Comfort. Have you ever wished you could take your barre fitness classes in the privacy of your home, hotel room or even office? Now, you can! Turn any space into an instant barre session. All you need is a mobile device, tablet or laptop and you’re good to go — oh, and don’t forget a water bottle. Our streaming workout videos will get your heart pumping!
  • Confidence. Feeling a little low in the self-esteem department? Exercise is a proven way to increase your confidence. Barre fitness classes encourage you to develop a unique brain-body relationship. Our goal is for you to feel better about yourself, both inside and outside. You’ll walk a little taller, feel a little stronger and improve your energy level. In other words, being fit won’t just be a physical experience — it will be a transformative one.
  • Fun. Let’s face it — most exercise classes just aren’t that much fun. Barre is different. We deliver only the best barre instructors to you. They’re passionate, they’re knowledgeable and they’re totally motivating. Get excited again about your workouts and have a little fun with us!

It’s time to shelve all those excuses for not being in the best shape of your life! Join Physique 57’s streaming exercise classes and turn your body into a work of art.

Streaming Workout Videos

  • Lose 10 in 10
  • Best Beach Body
  • Slim Down, Tone Up
  • Best Body Ever
  • Two Weeks to Hard Core
  • Total Body Blast

For more on-demand barre workouts, visit our on demand streaming page for more information!

Become Barre Fit and See Results Fast

Feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your fitness program? It happens. Even elite athletes suffer from this phenomenon. If you’ve hit a wall and can’t seem to make your trouble spots go away, you need to mix it up for the sake of your muscles.

Barre streaming workouts allow you to introduce your muscles to a whole new way of moving. By working on tiny and big movements throughout each session, you’ll start to see incredible results. Many barre fitness enthusiasts report a difference in their bodies after just eight classes!

Stop imagining a new you and start building your dream body today. Set up a free trial membership and introduce yourself to barre streaming classes. We would love to help you achieve all your workout goals!