Can barre lessons online really change the way you feel on the beach this year? Absolutely! Our Physique 57 members have sent us plenty of pictures of them poolside, in the sand and splashing in the waves. They’re thrilled with their results — and you will be, too!

Our online barre classes allow you to get all the benefits of this challenging, fun workout from the privacy of anywhere you have a mobile device, laptop or tablet. Work out with our amazing instructors in your home, your hotel room or even your office!

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Hit the Barre Like a Pro for a Confident, Sexy You

During this four-week barre workout program, you’ll get more toned from head to toe. We’ll focus on exercises that are specifically designed to hit all those trouble spots that show up when you wear a bikini or swimsuit. You’ll enjoy movements that lift and sculpt glutes, whittle your waistline and chisel your thighs and arms.

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Build Your Strength, Stamina and Self-Esteem for Every Season

Having a beach body isn’t just important during the summer — it’s perfect any time of the year. Whether you want to finally fit into that slinky black cocktail dress by the holidays or you have an upcoming special event that you want to rock, you can’t do better than barre.

What’s so incredible about barre? It uses your body’s natural grace and ability to activate, stimulate and motivate your muscles. From the smallest muscles to the largest, they’ll be challenged on a continuous basis. And you’ll never need any expensive equipment to accomplish your goals!

Barre is quickly becoming one of the most essential workout types for people who are finally ready to believe in themselves. When you’re ready to feel comfortable relaxing along the seashore or swimming in your neighbor’s pool, sign up for a free trial membership with Physique 57. It’s an investment in your future, and one that will pay incredible dividends every time you gaze in the mirror.