Are you new to barre classes? Our beginner online workouts on-demand are ideally structured just for your needs!

Every barre session will get you closer to the fitness level you want. Whether you’re totally new to the world of working out or you want to see better results in other athletic endeavors, like running and cycling, you need to try barre. It’s the intense, challenging and fun way to get and stay in shape!

Barre workouts are designed to use your body’s own momentum, strength and weight to transform all the large and small muscle groups. In just two short weeks, you’ll embrace a different, more powerful level of mind-body connection thanks to the best online barre workouts ever.

Classes Led by Passionate, Knowledgeable Barre Instructors

Physique 57 promises you a beginner online fitness program led by the best barre instructors around. Each instructor understands barre principles at every level and will help you make the wisest, safest choices in your movements.

Throughout the beginner online workout series, your instructors will keep you motivated class after class. By the end, you’ll know we’re serious when we say they’re passionate about coaching others. They’ll keep you coming back for more and teach you moves that you can also practice on your own.

What will you study throughout the two-week session? We’ll start by introducing you to basic moves and then get your stamina ready for the next round of programming. In 14 days, you’ll feel like a totally new person and be ready to tackle the world of barre!

Online Workout Videos for Beginners

Never tried an online fitness program before? Barre online videos give you all the benefits of a health club-level workout in your home, office or hotel room. All you need is a mobile device, laptop and tablet to get tons of advantages:

  • You can work out when and where you like.
  • You never have to run across town to get to your favorite barre session. It’s on-demand!
  • You can wear whatever you want. Dress comfortably and get ready to blast your body!
  • You can enjoy the privacy that comes with online workouts.
  • You can move at your own pace.

Why wait another day to finally achieve your fitness goals? Our online beginner workouts will help you transform yourself from the inside out through basic positions and techniques. It’s the fun, challenging way to get the best body possible.

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