Best Online Workout Programs

What’s one of the biggest secrets to enjoying more stamina, endurance and energy? Having a rock-hard core!

When you activate and work your abdominals through barre movements, you start to see rapid results. Now, we’ve developed barre training online that focuses primarily on building a stronger core. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a recreational athlete or an exercise newbie, you’ll discover a better you through online barre classes.

Now, Physique 57 offers online workout programs with a membership. Active a free trial today and try the best online barre classes available! All you need is a mobile device, tablet or computer — plus a lot of desire to show yourself a little love!

Work Your Core Like Never Before

Most people don’t realize how many muscles are involved in their core — until they take our online workout training! Our barre classes trigger every inch of your core, including all those tiny muscles. After every class, you’ll feel a little stronger. And within a month, you’ll be singing the praises of barre!

This online barre training regimen is fast-paced and high-intensity, but also low-impact, like all our classes. As you shred your core, you’ll get your cardiovascular system into the game, pumping blood and oxygen throughout your body. It’s a fantastic way to get energized. No cup of caffeine can give you the enthusiasm boost of a pulsing, tucking, twisting barre class online!

Work Your Core Anywhere, Any Time

No time to get to classes? Not a problem! Our online barre training program is tailored for busy people who want to stay fit. You can get a private workout any time of day with a few clicks or swipes. Finally, you can work out the way you want! With barre, you control your destiny — and your workout sessions.

Ready to Be a Core Star?

Is it finally time for you to become a core rock star? Even if you’re just looking for an online workout for beginners, you can’t go wrong with our hard core one-month program. Led by the most passionate, knowledgeable barre instructors available, each training targets your abs. You’ll stand taller, smile wider and feel better every time you take a picture.

Physique 57 offers our best online workout programs free with a trial membership. Start your journey to an amazing middle right now. Why wait for a class to open up? With on-demand barre sessions, you can get moving immediately without wasting any time. The faster you start your free trial of online barre workouts, the faster you’ll see results!