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700 5th Avenue at 55th Street
New York, NY 10019
22nd Floor Fitness Centre

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Physique 57 at The Peninsula

Experience the best of Physique 57 at this prestigious hotel in the heart of NYC! Take your strength and sculpting to new heights with all the energizing and ultra-effective sequences you love. Receive personalized instruction for next level results in this fully equipped, beautiful space. All levels welcome.

Limited spots – only 10 people per class!

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marina zats
marina zats
Amazing teachers and amazing workouts. Best results! Love every minute of it.
Annie Wang
Annie Wang
Love the studio and the workout!
Michael Powell
Michael Powell
The best barre studio in all of Manhattan! A true barre class where using the barre is the focus, not an afterthought (looking at you and your weird step aerobics, barre3). Every segment of class is challenging (stretching intermissions come after long sections, not every forty seconds like PureBarre), and the instructors are laser-focused on perfect form (cf. Bar Method, where even the instructors don’t seem to be familiar with how to do a proper push-up). The vast majority of the instructors have professional dance backgrounds and there’s a real difference in their professionalism and vibe as opposed to the way-over-franchised studios like PureBarre, etc. And the new studio is gorgeous and light-filled (though I confess to missing the location on Spring Street).
Michelle Muller
Michelle Muller
I’ve been working out with Physique on and off since 2006 and it continues to challenge me. I’m so glad to finally be back in a routine post Covid. Coming to physique is welcoming, fun, supportive and challenging of course. I just can’t get the tone I’m looking for anywhere else. Physique4eva
Sheri Dion
Sheri Dion
How to accurately express my undying love for these livestream classes?! Each and every aspect of Physique 57 classes is an intense, exactly what you’ve been looking for challenge, an incredible workout, upbeat and positive coaching, great music, and so much FUN! I’ve been taking live virtual classes 5x a week since March 2020 with the initial covid lockdown, where all of my worlds continue to collide at home. After 3+ years of classes with amazing instructors in Paris and Boston, I was ready to take up a new challenge and have been fortunate to recently take classes with NYC studio instructors Jarred, Kerrie, and Morgan. Their classes are top quality, pace, with expert instruction, combos, abs, and weights. I run daily and was a former collegiate runner and find these workouts to keep me injury-free, strong, and well-balanced, with a better attitude as I work through each week. Thank you, Physique 57!!!
Heather Drucker
Heather Drucker
I love Physique 57!! It’s such a great workout and the instructiors are energetic and motivating and they keep it fun. I’ve been going for years and I can’t live without it.
Laura Dadap
Laura Dadap
I’ve been going to Physique for 8 years and there’s nothing like it out there for me! In less than an hour I’m able to efficiently target all the key areas of my body I need to continue feeling great.
Yelena Yoffe
Yelena Yoffe
Amazing class with a great teacher
Angie Koo
Angie Koo
I’ve been coming to Physique 57 NYC for years, and this is my only workout because this has only been the only one that I actually found to be fun and sustainable! It’s true what they say – the best workout is the one that you enjoy most. I’ve gone to most other well-known barre franchises, and P57 stands out among the rest in terms of best instructors. How are they the best? They’re super warm and welcoming (I’ve gotten some snobby vibes from other places, even if they’re “nice”). The trainers are also very creative with their programming – although each class may have an expected “format,” they change it up every time and also infuse their own very unique personalities into each class. P57 is also more challenging than other barre studios – they use heavier weights, have more cardio, and keep things moving throughout. I’ve been to other barre studios where you spend half the class stretching. Stretching is super important, but I much prefer p57 where you do stretch during/after class (depending on format), but it’s not a huge chunk of the time. Both trainers and those on the client success team (CSTs) have helped me with my many injuries that started a few years ago. My body has unfortunately not been the same and I’m continuing to struggle, but the trainers have been wonderful with helping me with modifications and continuing to work with me on finding moves that work for me. They are way more aware of body mechanics than any other barre studios that I’ve been to. The CSTs have been so accommodating and check in with me occasionally to see how I’m feeling/doing! Really, really appreciate their concern and care. I feel very cared for! They also have been very welcoming and accepting of constructive feedback and have always followed up with me regarding any concerns. I’ve been to some other snotty places that basically make it seem like if you don’t like something, get out – despite being nice about the feedback! A few practical things to note: They recently moved, so for anyone who hasn’t been to the new location yet: no showers. They have towels but charge for non-annual members. Just like the old studios, they have a water dispenser if you bring your own bottle (can also purchase water). Despite some growing pains of moving to a new studio, it was a pretty smooth move, so major props to them for pulling it off so well. There’s a reason why I come here around 3-4x per week!
humphrey scibelli
humphrey scibelli
Great workout. Challenging, fast paced and fun. The trainers are awesome!

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The Peninsula Hotel, NYC

Elevate your workout experience at The Peninsula, an iconic hotel in the heart of midtown. Get strong and sculpted while delighting in stunning city views from the 22nd floor Fitness Centre.

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