Why recreate the barre?

Physique 57 international franchising is focused on arming our partners with the best possible business model for their market(s) in order to support the efficient and effective delivery of the Physique 57 method. The process is rigorous – partners will be asked to study our methods in the office and in the studio to build the framework for long term success and growth.

Physique 57 is looking for partners who understand that our model is urban, large in scale and robust. Our process aims to offer lessons from our experiences to select partners in world class destinations across the globe.


Partnering with Maryam Fattahi Salaam, a Physique 57 loyalist, lifelong Dubai resident, and attorney, Physique 57 launched its first international location in the summer of 2013 in Dubai.

Maryam was hooked after taking her first Physique 57 class in New York City. Certain that the combination of charismatic instructors, unparalleled method and incredible results would have her beloved city hooked, Maryam took action. She contacted Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi and Tanya Becker, co-founders of Physique 57, with her proposal for a Physique 57 in Citywalk, Dubai’s newest and most vibrant retail destination nestled in the heart of Jumeirah.

Maryam along with her instructors, worked with Jennifer and Tanya, and the Physique 57 management team, to create a world class business. With comprehensive management and instructor training; sales, marketing and branding support; site selection, design and facilities direction; and studio staffing and management guidance, the Dubai team had specialized tools to launch a ground breaking fitness boutique.

The Dubai studio was an immediate success among the UAE community and because of regularly sold out classes, they opened a second studio in June 2015 in the Al Thanya Mall.


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If you are interested in learning more about Physique 57’s international licensing program, please contact us at licensing@physique57.com.