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When it comes to expert instructors we set the barre high. Our vetting and development program is the most rigorous in the industry, and it shows.

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Master Trainer
Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2017
Instagram: @cecilyyesily
My personal mantra: “Work Hard. Do good. Be Incredible.” – Cheryl Strayed
Cheat meal: A big ole charcuterie plate for one please and thank you!
Favorite Physique 57 position: Love a good deli slicer!
Playlist: Oh man I love just about all music, but I’d have to put Prince and Beyoncé as my top two music loves!

Cecily McCullough

Senior Trainer
Certifications: NASM
Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2012
Instagram: @chadlevy
Cheat meal: Gruyere macaroni & cheese- I could eat the entire pan!
Favorite Physique 57 position: I am a big fan of our curl series- it involves all parts of the abs, stabilization, strength, and power.
Proudest moment: Watching my kids come into their own & succeed by following their passions.


Physique 57 Trainer Since 2019
Instagram: @cechols
My fuel: Peanut butter smoothie
Playlist: Armor – Sara Bareilles
Favorite Physique 57 move: Wide incline chair
Perfect Day Off: Brunch and a hike!

Courtney Echols

Associate Manager of Talent
Certifications: AFAA Group Exercise
Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2014
Instagram: @tilford82
Favorite Physique 57 position: Wide incline chair
Alternate job: I still think I would have been a great lawyer…but I currently teach tap and jazz dance as well, and I love it.


Fitness mantra: Nothing worth having comes easy.
Inspiration: People and their journeys inspire me and luckily I get to interact with my inspirations almost daily.
Motivational quote: You are enough and your change is constant.
Cheat meal: Anything cheese
If I wasn’t an instructor: I’d be a Sherpa in the mountains, climbing, skiing and snow flaking my evenings away!

Debanshi Shah

Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2019
Instagram: @eileenharman
Motivational quote: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”. -Maya Angelou
Cheat Meal: Chocolate
Favorite Physique 57 Move:: Clamshell

Eileen Harman

Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2017
Instagram: @nycity_fit
Motivational quote: Step outside of your comfort zone, that is where the magic (and results!) happen.
Cheat meal: Definitely pizza. Anything with bread and cheese, really.
Favorite Physique 57 move: Standing deli slicer!
Your heroine act: Does surviving thigh work count?

Emily Wolff

Associate Manager of Talent
Certifications: AFAA Group Exercise and Prenatal
Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2013
Instagram: @Erin_Bell03
Cheat meal: Anything that classifies as dessert!
Favorite Physique 57 position: Standing hairpin- it was the hardest to conquer, but now I love it!
Perfect day off: Brunching and hanging out with my husband and daughter.


Physique 57 Trainer Since 2019
Personal Mantra: Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. – Maya Angelou
My fuel: Peanut Butter
Playlist: A mix of funky groove, old and new!
Favorite Physique 57 move: Curtsy
Proudest Moment: When I moved to NYC!

Evita Zachariouglou

Master Trainer
Certifications: AFAA Group Exercise, NASM
Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2010
Instagram: @hollymhendricks
Motivational quote: “Do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Perfect day off: hanging out with my guys (hubby & son) anywhere – home, beach, park and maybe a nap squeezed in at some point. These days sleep is pure luxury!
Heroine act: It’s a tie between running the NYC marathon and surviving my marathon labor.


Motivational Quote: The most important ingredient in making you believe you can, is you..
My Fuel: I usually look for food that boosts my energy and has some form of protein. I also like foods that makes me feel full quickly (cashews, quinoa & edamame).
Heroine Act: Giving free dance classes to kids who lived in a low income area and watching them turn into powerful, talented dancers, who now have something they are passionate about. Out of a group of 16 kids, 4 have received a partial scholarship and are majoring in dance in college right now.


Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2017
Instagram: @jarredbosch
Mantra: Everything happens for a reason.
Favorite Physique 57 Position: Definitely Curl (sometimes stretch)
Cheat meal: Anything that involves guacamole, chocolate, and/or red wine.
Fuel: I like to snack on apples, trail mix, and avocados during the day.



Jarred Bosch


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