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When it comes to expert trainers we set the barre high. Our vetting and development program is the most rigorous in the industry, and it shows.

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Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2018
Instagram: @sadedansa
Cheat meal: Pizzaaaaaa
Favorite Physique 57 position: Clam shell!
Playlist: Afrobeat/ Afrohouse
Perfect day off: 86 degrees on the beach in Jamaica with an ice cold Red Stripe beer 😉

Sade Bully

Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2017
Instagram: @sallyglaze
Favorite position: Wide waterski! I love the burn in the tops of the thighs the deeper you get and the stretch it gives through the hip flexors!
Cheat meal: DONUTS!!
Fuel: Juice Plus Protein shake, green apple with peanut butter, boiled egg, roasted veggies with hemp or flax seeds. Eat more plants!

Sally Glaze

Associate Trainer
Physique 57 Trainer Since 2018
Instagram: @finklegram
Certifications:: NASM, AFPA Pre and Postnatal Exercise Specialist
My fuel: A hard-boiled egg, avocado, and some almonds.
Playlist:  Strong female vocalists
Favorite Physique 57 move: Thigh Dancing
Proudest Moment: Helping to raise money for cancer research at my university.

Sarah Fink

Senior Trainer
Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2015
Instagram: @sarahsarahkickballchange
My mantra: When the universe closes a door, go practice your knock-knock jokes on the windows.
The age when I started performing: Very young- back when I was just a twinkle in my father’s eye.
Alternate job: Is there a job where you get to sit and watch fictional crime shows all day long and guess who did it? I’m really good at that.


Senior Trainer
Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2008
Instagram: @sarahkaymarchetti
My mantra: No Excuses!
Cheat meal: I can never say no to fried chicken.
My Fuel: Green juice. I love that vitamin bump!
Favorite dance gig: So many dreams came true for me when I danced in The Merry Widow at the Metropolitan Opera under the direction of Susan Stroman. I loved every moment I spent in that legendary house.


Physique 57 Trainer Since 2019
Personal Mantra: But first, coffee.
My fuel: Fruits and veggies, lean meats, rice, and Kind Bars.
Perfect Day Off:No set an alarm, workout class, siteseeing, yummy food, and Netflix.
Favorite Physique 57 move:Thigh Dancing
Cheat Meal: Anything with gluten.

Sharon Rose

Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2017
Instagram: @spencer_p57
My personal mantra: Let passion and confidence drive your life.
Favorite quote: “Sometimes you have to wait for opportunities, but MOST times you have to create them for yourself.” – RuPaul
Cheat meal: When you get to know me, you’ll learn that I have an addiction to $1 pizza that I’m only slightly ashamed of.

Spencer Pond

Senior Trainer
Certifications: AFAA Group Exercise
Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2014
Instagram: @torreygmc
My mantra: I’m not interested in competing with anyone. I hope that we all make it.
Motivational quote: “A person who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein
Perfect day off: Exercise, sunshine, and wine.
Favorite dance gig: There is something so magical about every Nutcracker performance, no matter the role!


Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2017
Instagram: @veronikacohen
Cheat meal: Sweet potato fries and a cheeseburger
Fuel: Hard boiled egg and overnight oats made with vanilla protein powder
Playlist: Pop remixes of oldies
Favorite Physique 57 Position: All planks and abs
Other favorite workouts: Aerial silks and yoga

Veronika Cohen

Certifications: NASM
Physique 57 Trainer Since: 2017
Instagram: @willhutcheson
Cheat meal: Bisteca Torta from my local taco truck
Favorite Physique 57 position: Thigh Dancing!
Playlist: Very eclectic- anything that makes me smile and dance.
Perfect day off: Large iced coffee, a sunny day, and a botanical garden.

Will Hutcheson


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