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Physique 57 Opens in FiDi

With a promise of visible results in as few as eight workouts, Physique 57 is not an easy class.

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Health Hotlist

Time Out

Why Boys Should Barre

Business Rockstars

Jennifer Maanavi on Business Rockstars

Ken Rutkowski interviews Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, the Co-Founder & CEO of Physique 57.

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Physique 57 is opening in the Financial District

Physique 57 is opening its ninth studio in New York City’s Financial District on January 1.

The Coveteur

An Average Person vs. Physique 57

And almost as soon as we had started stretching, we stopped, grabbed our balls, and began pulsing our thighs. Dear lord. The burn!


The Ultimate 10-Minute Office Workout

Physique 57 instructor Shannon Smith shares a 10-move quickie workout you can do right in your office.

The New York Times

Expanding Travel Options

Physique 57 has partnered with Escape to Shape to offer its regimen on several overseas trips.


Sweat Equity

“A strong body to me represents a strong mind.”- Leslie Blodgett


Snap into Shape with #Fitspo

“The barre based workout designed to shape and tone buns turns it focus on your abs.”

Hamptons Magazine

Pop-Up Power

Physique 57 takes its signature workout outdoors at Montauk Beach House.

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NYC’s 5 Best Workouts For Spring 2015


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