You asked. We’re spilling. Welcome to “What’s In Your Bag?”, a new series on the products, go-tos and must-haves that help the Physique 57 team keep it all together between classes, work life, and real life.


Morgan Goffstein, NYC turned Beverly Hills Instructor, is always on the move between teaching, exercising and finding time to soak up the gorgeous Los Angeles weather. We asked her to dish on her workout bag must-haves below.

MY WORKOUT BAG: Simple and affordable. I go through bags like most women go through purses! I like to change them up. This black faux leather bag is from H&M. It has several pockets, fits a ton of stuff and goes with anything. I often find myself running from teaching a class to grabbing bite with a girlfriend so having a bag that goes from day to night is always great.

SNACKS: I love to eat and with an active lifestyle, this is key. I try and choose snacks that are nutritious AND delicious! My favorites include dry seaweed, apples and I always have a protein bar on hand. These are great options to feed my muscles and keep my belly satiated.

STAY HYDRATED: Reusable water bottle! I’m always drinking water to stay hydrated. It’s so important when one is active. I like to add lemon or cucumber to my water to give it a little flavor. Reusable bottles are a fantastic way to eliminate plastic waste and give back to mother earth. PBA free is ideal 🙂
water bottle_silo

TRACK MY FITNESS GOALS: LifeTrak watch is my electronic crush. It’s just a nice way to stay honest with my activity level each day. This watch tracks how many steps I’ve taken, how many calories I’ve burned and my total miles covered for the day. It also has a timer for workouts and can gauge my heart rate. I love it!

WHAT’S IN MY MAKEUP BAG: I always have toothbrush, lip gloss and Altoids on hand. I don’t wear much makeup so just some clear lip shine and fresh breath makes for the essentials in my book.

BARRE-MUST:When I am not rocking my Physique 57 grippy socks, I am happily wearing my Blake Brody barre slippers. They are fantastic. Fulfills the child in me who can always be in ballet slippers, as well as makes for a solid grip during reps of round back chair! They are comfortable and cute. WIN WIN.
blake brodys_silo

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