So it’s your first time coming to the barre– what do you wear?

We love to see what great style our clients and instructors have; they’re always surprising and inspiring us! There’s no shortage of looks around our studios.

Barre Class Attire

While there is no Physique 57 uniform, we do require all clients to fully cover their feet and recommend grippy socks or slippers. Our studio floors are carpeted to maximize movement while keeping the exercises low-impact, and the friction between lightly padded socks grippy socks and the carpet maintains your stability and comfort during class. (Plus, it’s cleaner for everyone.)


But otherwise, something similar to what you’d wear in a yoga or Pilates class will do just fine. You want to be unrestricted while you’re flexing and lunging; form-fitting pants or leggings and a similarly fitting top are great. (You don’t want to be distracted by short shorts or bogged down by the weight of sweatpants either.) You’ll be pulsing up a sweat in no time so breathable fabrics are key!


Some of our clients and instructors (including our Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Tanya Becker) love dressing up to work out. They say it makes all the difference in their level of confidence and energy. They like how body-con clothes allow them to see the definition in their abs and the lines their arms and legs are making. Plus you’re so much more motivated to work out when you’re looking forward to putting on a fun outfit for it!


Looking for more stylish options? We’re having a Warehouse Sale this week at Spring Street!

  Date: Dec 1st– 4th (Thursday- Sunday)
  Location: Physique 57 Spring Street (161 6th Avenue)
  Merchandise: Summer & Fall; Discount: Up to 70% off with special $10, $20, and $25 items