Invites and cake tastings are one thing. Getting your body in wedding-ready shape is a sure-fire way to make sure that your wedding memories (and photos) are worth having, holding, and loving forever.

Whether you’re a bride, a bridesmaid (or just facing a fridge full of wedding invites), this workout was created with sweetheart necklines, scooped backs (and being photographed from every angle) in mind. Check it out below.


Follow the below workout 4-5 times a week leading up to the big day!

Forearm-Plank• Place your forearms down parallel to one another, elbows under shoulders, hips not piking but down in line with shoulders.
•Keep your neck up in line with spine, gazing past the tips of your fingers.
Pro tip: 
Breathe deeply, as each exhale is an opportunity to draw naval up to spine. Check out our video on how to execute the perfect forearm plank.
Do 3-4 sets each day and hold each plank for 30 seconds
Entire body with focus on core strength

Side-Plank•Place your elbow under your shoulder, stack your shoulders and hips. For more stability, stagger your top leg forward of your bottom leg.
•Place top hand behind head and begin to twist top elbow toward floor.
Pro tip: Open and close the top elbow and shoulder to fire up oblique/waist muscles.
Reps: Repeat each side, right and left, 15-20 times each
Waist and abs

Shoulder-Press•Place your feet under your hips, soft bend to the knees.
•Using 5-10 pound weights, press one weight at a time a couple of inches up and down.
Pro tip: Make sure your shoulders are over hips, not leaning back or forward.
Reps: Alternate the presses 30 times each side
Targets: Upper arms and back

Lat-Squeeze•Stand with feet slightly wider than hips, parallel toes, knees bent and a slight incline of the spine.
•Holding 8-10 pound weights bend elbows by ribs with palms facing up to the ceiling.
•Begin to squeeze the shoulders in towards each other.
Pro tip: Imagine you are holding your diamond wedding ring between your shoulders and squeezing in and out, trying not to drop the ring. It is like a shoulder shrug but squeezing shoulders back versus up towards the ears.
Reps: Repeat 25-30 times
Targets: Arms and upper back

Bilateral-Row•Use the same set up as the above lat squeezes.
•After your lat reps, begin to extend one arm out on the diagonal in front of you, and pull it back to original stance with bent elbow by ribs.
Pro tip: Maintain open collarbone and stable shoulders.
Reps: Repeat alternating right then left, one at a time, 10-15 times per side
Targets: Arms and upper back

Oblique-Curl•Place your mid-back onto a pillow or playground ball, right beneath the shoulder blades. Round back into a C-curve pulling naval down to spine.
•Bend knees and tilt them to one side while twisting upper body to the other side.
Pro tip: Do a few slow to feel initiation in obliques and side waist.
Reps: 25-30 each side, right then left
Targets: Waist and abs

Curl-With-Twist•Place your mid-back onto a pillow or playground ball, right beneath the shoulder blades.
•Round back into a C-curve pulling naval to spine, flex feet and extend one leg at a time out in front of you.
•Twist the opposite shoulder and arm out towards the leg that is bent in towards you.
Reps: Alternate right to the left and left to the right 20-30 times each side
Targets: Waist and abs

Scorpion-Push-Up•Place hands slightly wider than shoulders and lift hips to a full plank position..
•Lift the right leg and draw the knee towards the right elbow while bending both elbows evenly. While lengthening arms, extend the leg back again.
Reps: Repeat each side 15-20 reps
Targets: EVERYTHING! Waist, shoulders, and back! The triple threat move!

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