Regardless of your hours, dress code, or office set-up, there’s no reason that your 9 to 5 should mess with your 24/7 health. We’ve rounded up a 5 key tips to keep on hand (and on your sticky notes, and screensaver, and homescreen) to help keep your best self a top priority at the office – no matter what else is on your agenda.


1. Make Time to Move
Do it before or after work. (Or even during – our online workouts are awesome for that.) Enlist colleagues. Make it a group thing like our NY clients did in the photo above. Working out keeps you energized and focused through meetings, crazy-tight deadlines, and thinking on your toes. (Just think. You could find a conference room right now and be planking while you read this). Test yourself and see how long you can hold a plank for!

Here’s what a Physique 57 client said about doing her own personal workout challenge with coworkers (all pictured above):

“My coworkers and I started a Physique 57 Lenten/Passover challenge this spring with the intent of reversing the effects of long days at a desk. The experience of working out together and celebrating an intense Saturday session with brunch fueled us to an impressive level of competition. The winner of the Physique challenge would receive a Lululemon outfit from the other participants. Ultimately, the camaraderie and strength built from near daily Physique classes made winners of us all.” – Joselyn, Kirsten and Jordan.

2. Drink (Water) On the Job
From avoiding over-snacking to brightening your skin, eyes, nails, and hair, there’s nothing like a tall drink of you-know-what to do something simple and restorative for your whole body. This fun graphic about water weight should make things perfectly clear. Grab a drink while you take a closer look. (You’re welcome.)

3. Snack Right
Before that time of day when lunch is all you can think about? You should be reaching for a few bites of something nutritious before that. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable ensures you don’t get too hungry before it’s actually time for your lunch break. Also, you’ll head off mindless munching (or loading up on sugary caffeine drinks) before you even start. Here’s what Physique 57 instructors love to snack on pre and post-workout!

4. Make a Break for It

Short breaks from your desk, chair, and immediate office space will free your brain and energy from daytime ruts. Changing up your immediate scenery boosts circulation, alertness, creativity, too. Now walk away from your desk and take a lap around the office (or even outside if you can)!

5. Pack Your Lunch
Skip the grab-and-go bagel, pizza, and deli line. Put you first – and put some thought into what you put into your body. (The Physique 57 Solution is chock full of delicious recipes & inspiration.) Buddy up with a co-worker and swap prep days Monday through Thursday, then treat yourselves to something new (and good for you) come Friday.

And speaking of sharing, we’d love to hear from you. What are your top healthy-on-the-job tips and tricks?