Pinterest is addictive. You promise yourself to go on Pinterest for a couple minutes and next thing you know you’ve been on the site for 2 hours. We’ve all been there. While we agree that there are amazing pins, it has become increasingly harder to find quality boards. That’s why we’ve curated our top 6 Pinterest boards for fitness inspiration.

top fitness pinterest boards

1. Inspirational Fitness Quotes by POPSUGAR Fitness
Getting off the couch is something that is easier said than done. POPSUGAR Fitness’ board is a great source of inspiration pinning quotes that motivate you. Visiting this board will make anyone feel great about hitting the barre and eating healthy.

2. Healthy Eating by Health Magazine
Carrot sticks and apple slices are delicious –but only in moderation! A healthy diet is a must but a healthy diet should be enjoyable too. Health Magazine’s “Healthy Eating” board contains a plethora of delicious recipes as well as interesting food facts.

3. Fitness Fashion by Well and Good NYC
Tired of black? Filled with bright bottoms and cute tops, this board shows that it is possible to sweat in style while hitting the barre. For additional fitness fashion, check out our Barre Fashion board.

4. Shoe Stalking by Refinery 29
Everyone deserves some eye candy and shoes are perfect to fill this role. Shoes may not help you lose weight but they will complement Physique 57 legs that have been sculpted with heel raises.

5. Fitness page on Pinterest
This is Pinterest’s general page and is a constant stream of new fitness pins. As it’s constantly updated, it is a great medley of pinspiration and fitness fun.

6. At Home Workouts by Physique 57
We would be amiss not to include one of our own Pinterest boards. Check out our “At Home Workouts” board for tips and tricks (as well as videos) that will help you stay fit at home and on-the-go!

Did we miss some pin boards you think should’ve been in our top 6 list? Add them in the comments below.