Tammy, 45, Michigan

Original Weight 330 lbs

Current weight 184 lbs

Weight loss: 146 lbs


When I was 31, I began to gain weight rapidly for then-unknown reasons. Despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, my weight continued to increase and I experienced discomfort in my joints, incredibly painful muscles, a rash on my face, and fatigue.  Doctors were puzzled and while I was initially diagnosed with Lupus & Fibromialgia, it took an additional 8.5 years before I was also diagnosed with Ovarian Polycystic Syndrome. A combination of these medical conditions was causing the weight gain, which in turn was creating the other health issues.


By this time, I was 39 and 383 lbs. With my full diagnosis finally in hand, I was ready to start losing weight and feeling as better as I could. Though I was offered Weight Loss Surgery, I declined. I knew the journey would be long, but I knew that it could be done. In my heart, I knew there was a program that could meet me where I was at my fitness level at the time.


After 8 months of trying different exercises and physical therapy, I had made some progress. There was very little that I could do because many of the exercises and physical therapy that I tried actually flared my existing health issues. I’d be in terrible pain for days or weeks afterwards. Despite all this, I still had not let go of my hope of finding the exercise program that could meet me where I was at my current fitness level.


One day while checking my email, I spotted an online ad for the Physique 57 book and was intrigued enough to purchase it.  Once my new book arrived, I began to read.  My heart had HOPE when I saw these words at the beginning of the Introduction:


“Our program is designed to accommodate all fitness levels…”


After getting the go-ahead from my doctor, I purchased a set of 4 Physique 57 DVD + a playground ball and set out to get started.  I was 330 lbs at the time, so I could only small V pulses, and just a few of these at a time before having to rest.  It was very slow going at first; I was doing very modified workouts with lots of starts and stops.  But, I was seeing results; I was getting stronger. I had truly found the exercise program that accepted me where I was at my current fitness level. Physique 57 was also the first program that did not send my health issues into any flares.


After a few years of slow, but steady progress, I lost 104 lbs and 125.50 inches with Physique 57. I was feeling better than ever when in May 2015, my weight loss & Physique 57 journey took a detour. I am a caretaker for my husband who has Multiple Myeloma (Bone Marrow Cancer); his cancer had taken a turn and he had begun new chemo treatments. While focused on my husband’s health, I became lax about my Physique 57 routine. In 7 months, I gained back 77 lbs and 94 inches


On Christmas Day 2015, my husband was sick and bedridden all day.  I sat crying all alone before I eventually made my way to my room and caught my reflection in the mirror. I was horrified as I looked at my reflection, and from there, I grabbed the scale and stepped on. I cried as the number 303 appeared.  How had I gotten to this point?  I was swollen, in constant pain, and my health issues were constantly flaring up.


Physique 57 was one of a few bright stars for me on that dark day.  I remembered that it’s not how many times you stop, but how many times you start.  I reaffirmed my commitment to focusing on the one thing that I can control; my own journey.  By gaining control of that, I knew I would once again be able to not only take care of myself, but my husband, and anyone else who might need me.


On January 11, 2016, the day before my 44th birthday I recommitted to my weight loss and Physique 57 journey.  This time, I was even more focused and even more at peace.  Just as before, I would do 3-5 minute mini sessions 3 – 4 times throughout the day, 4 days per week.  As I became stronger; I was able to slowly add more positions into my routine. In June 2017, I started doing Physique LIVE On Demand classes consistently about 4-5 times per week. I still mainly do modified versions and have many stops and starts.


As of August 10, 2017 I have LOST 146 lbs and 159.25 Inches with Physique 57.  I have had no weight loss or cosmetic surgery; they are not needed.  I recently tossed out my Spanx and any other shapewear that I had.


Physique 57 has inspired me these 5.5+ years by always accepting me at the fitness level I am at.  The overall support, encouragement, and strength I have received over these 5.5+ years means the world to me, and I hold Physique 57 very close to my heart.


The Physique 57 On Demand online community is absolutely AHHHMAZING!  Regular people with different fitness levels from all over the world come together as one.  Everyone cheers and lifts each other up; it truly is a beautiful community.  I love it when instructors stop in and visit from time to time to answer questions, give encouragement, and let us know when LIVE classes are available.


Being 5.5+ years into my Physique 57 journey I have come to embrace and love my body even more than I ever thought possible.  Physique 57 has led me to accept myself no matter where I am in my journey. Watching my own transformation leaves me in awe!  I’m 45 years young and in better shape now than I was at 25.