I first heard about Physique57 when I went on the hunt for a marriage boot camp. Yep, it was finally that time in my life. I was getting married and I was going to look the best I had ever looked, no excuses! I searched and searched every boot camp, pilates, yoga, dance, barre class there was in NYC plus anyone that offered anything even similar to a marriage boot camp. If you live in NY you know the options available. I was on the “marriage boot-camp hunt” for at least 2 weeks, seriously! After much research, I stumbled upon Physique57. Now you must know, I have worked out my entire life, have always eaten very clean, and still have never looked how I wanted to look on my wedding day. So of course, although Physique offered what seemed to be a great “re-shape your body” experience, I had it in my mind to give it one-week tops, and if I didn’t see any change, I was on to the next. I had no time to waste.

Can I just tell you, I have never in my life enjoyed exercising and all of a sudden, I found myself scheduling classes weeks in advance. For the first time in my life, ALL of my clothes were falling off of me and I was actually looking different. Now for those of you like me, are skeptics and don’t believe much of anything, I want to give you specifics so you can see for yourself exactly what my standards are for CHANGE and judge for yourself, whether or not this change is worth looking into. I am 5”4, I was around 125lbs, a size 4 (ok, sometimes a 6 when I didn’t want to unbutton my pants every time I sat down), around 27-28” waist and NOT feeling cute. I know, not big, but definitely NOT where I wanted to be on my wedding day. I started in March and went at least 4 times a week. I will admit, there were some weeks I went every day, but that was because I actually enjoyed it and felt strong. For the first time, my arms had definition to them and I couldn’t believe it, I was starting to see a little 2-pack! Within 4 months, my waist was a size 24”, I was a size 0 and weighed around 105 lbs. CRAZY, or at least by my standards, I thought it was crazy good.*

My wedding was July 13th of this year and with marriage came a logistical transition from NYC to Miami, Florida. There isn’t a Physique here and I’ve tried almost every other “barre” class you can think of. None have even come close to the Physique method, combining barre with pilates and yoga, which all of a sudden is a heart pumping cardio class. So, even though I despise workout videos (let me expand on that, by the age of 12, I was already doing Jane Fonda, “Abs, Buns & Thighs” work-out videos EVERY day so I sort of have this love/hate relationship with them) I am back to the video circuit and currently doing Physique’s online workouts. The work-outs are just as good as the classes, however I miss the energy of 20 others in the same room, pushing you to squat lower and get higher on those tip toes! But, the good part is, I don’t have to eat as strict as I did before the wedding and can still fit in to my 24” waist teeny shorts. Thank God for Physique57, or I wouldn’t survive Miami.

*Results may vary based on each client’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the Physique 57 program.


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