After graduating from college and starting a job at Physique 57, Tess W. decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle and dropped a dress size in the process. Here, she shares her story. 

I recently graduated from college, and my senior year was reflected on my body. Between the stress of building my senior design thesis, the social scene, and little to no time to focus on either my diet or exercise, I left college heavier than I’d ever been at 145 lbs. Seeing myself in photos from graduation made me feel awful and I knew that I needed to get back on track.

physique 57 before and after
*Please note that the transformation occurred between September 2012 and December 2012 but the after photo was taken in May 2013 at the start of the summer season.

I started watching what I ate and made an effort to be at the gym more often but the real change didn’t come until I started working at Physique 57. I had always wanted to be thinner but after I started Physique 57 I gained a desire to be fit and strong as well. I stopped crash dieting and skipping meals and focused more on balanced meals, making note of how they made my body feel. I also became dedicated to taking Physique 57 at least 4 classes per week. I even made the Physique 57 “top takers” list for 3 months in a row and went from a size 8 to a size 6. I was inspired by the instructors to try new challenges and always focus on my form. I wanted to be in class and improve, especially as I started to notice results. The sense of accomplishment I felt after finishing my first intermediate class kept me wanting more, and I love that I could share my success with others at Physique 57 and feel their support.

My weight loss journey isn’t over and I still feel I can improve my diet and fitness which is why I keep coming back. There’s no end game – it’s a continuous journey to becoming the best version of myself. It’s challenging at times but I’ve found support and inspiration from the staff, instructors and friends that I’ve gained from Physique 57. Physique 57 helped me realize that I can be thin, healthy and confident.

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