Charles A. was intrigued when an instructor first convinced him to try a Physique 57 class. What he thought would be a “girly” workout ended up being the exercise regime that would help him prepare for a climb at Grand Teton (13,770′) in Jacksonhole, WY. Now, he’s addicted to barre workouts. Here’s why:

Men at the barre Physique 57

I’d imagine you hear often from women who tell you Physique 57 has gotten them in the best shape of their lives, that they feel more confident, happy, and healthy than they ever have. Maybe they tell you that while it’s fun to turn heads at the beach or on the street, the real reward is the change they feel as a person. But, what about the guys? What do they say? When an instructor challenged me in the elevator to come try out her class a few years ago I thought she was kidding, until I realized she wasn’t.

When I finally showed up I got my butt kicked and was humbled, but I was also inspired and motivated, and I came back. I came back because I always felt challenged and inspired to try a little harder, to do what I didn’t think I could. I could see improvements, but more important, I could feel it. That sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. Every time I came back I felt welcomed but always challenged to push a little harder, no matter where I was physically. After skiing and running injuries, Physique 57 became amazing physical therapy for me, helping me put myself back together. And even when I want to collapse halfway through the abs routine because I’ve slacked off, the instructors always challenge me to push past the discomfort and raise my chest a bit further. Thanks for that! And thanks for motivating and inspiring me!

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