Barre Weight Loss

Amy struggled with her weight for years (yo yo dieting, etc) but it wasn’t until a career change that it spiraled out of control. That’s when she decided enough was enough and in 8 short months, Amy lost 25 lbs with Physique 57 & found a workout program that she truly enjoyed (and continued).

Physique 57 success story
I knew I had slowly gained weight over the past couple years, but I had no idea just how bad I looked until I saw pictures. After going back to school for a career change, my weight just spiraled out of control.

I had always struggled with my weight. I spent years yo yo dieting. I’d lose weight, then put it all back on and more. I would turn over a new leaf, buy a new exercise system, and then give up when it didn’t produce the results I wanted.

I’m a stress eater, so a series of life changing events sent me straight to my biggest comforter: food. I’d eat raw cookie dough by the spoonful without care. Pizza, pasta, you name it—nothing was off limits!

Finally, after nothing in my closet fit, I decided enough was enough. I cleaned up my diet and ordered the Physique 57 program. I read excellent reviews from celebrities who swore by the system. I felt it working from the very first session. Although I enjoy all of the Physique 57 barre workout DVDs, my favorite is the Express 30 Minute Full Body workout from the first series. Tanya Becker is a wonderful motivator. And, squeezing a playground ball between my thighs activated muscles I didn’t realize existed! I would be sore for days!

Physique 57 barre workouts helped me lose 25 pounds in about 8 months! More importantly, it inspired me to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Since starting the program, I have run a number of half marathons and even a full marathon. I went on to lose even more weight after the initial pounds came off. The program is fun and effective. It stresses the importance of flexibility, something I value as a distance runner.

Thank you to Tanya Becker and the team at Physique 57!

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