Lauren was looking to find a low impact workout that would allow her to lose 15 pounds, despite her knee injury. After four months of taking 5-6 Physique 57 classes a week, she lost double her goal—30 pounds, strengthened the muscles around her knees, and learned to love her body again!


On a vacation in Florida, I was taking a local class called Ballet Barre, and the instructor used to live in NY and told me about Physique. She raved about it so I just had to try 🙂 In the four months since I started in January I lost 30 pounds. I did not adjust my diet one bit. I could not do nearly any other exercise due to my knee injury. When I was younger, I played soccer and tennis. My first two knee surgeries were from injuries from those sports, and my third knee surgery was a result of not being able to build the right muscles to stabilize my knee. Physique solved this and I have full muscles surrounding and supporting my knee!!! Thank you!!! It has been years since I have been pain free.

Physique allowed me to lose all that weight, and I had a blast doing it!!! I didn’t really have a weight loss plan. I was hoping to lose 15 pounds, and I never imagined that I could lose 32! I wanted to not be overweight anymore, whatever that meant. I wanted to feel good about my body, to feel comfortable wearing a bikini or even just a regular non-maternity style t-shirt with jeans. My results still shock me every day, and continue to shock those around me. I wear form fitting clothing now, even tight shirts that hug my core. My legs are muscular and toned, and for the first time in my life I don’t just have “big” arms that are useless; they have some definition!

On another note, my long term relationship ended in November. I was totally functional. However, when I discovered Physique 57, I actually became really excited to go. The instructors are all so positive. Whenever I leave Physique I feel energized and genuinely happy. It’s this accomplished feeling that makes me feel the world is at my fingertips. I noticed I didn’t need to drink any caffeine anymore, as my body naturally had enough energy and excitement to get me through the day in a highly functioning capacity. My friends and family were, and are, all STUNNED at how I lost so much weight, remained upbeat and happy, and did this all on a bummed knee. I do have Physique 57 to thank!!!! I honestly can’t wait to come back!!!

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*Results may vary based on each client’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the Physique 57 program.