Karla made a commitment to achieve her best possible body and within a month of doing the Physique 57 DVDs, she started to notice inches being lost, clothes fitting looser and higher energy levels.


After deciding to make a serious commitment to working out and taking care of my body back in 2009, halfway through 2010 I decided that the results I had gotten so far were ok, but not precisely what I envisioned my best possible body to be. I found out about Physique 57 via an online article and researched it on the Internet. I realized I was after the same goals as those who were doing this method: a lean, chiseled, feminine body with muscular definition without the unnecessary bulk. I decided that I would give it a try (repeating my older workout DVDs was getting stale), I got the DVDs and since the first day of doing this challenging workout, I have become addicted.

I started out by doing P57 workouts 4 times a week and mixing it with workout DVDs that had a cardiovascular training emphasis. The choreography and the variety of ways to work the muscles were what piqued my interest (no boring regular crunches with P57). After a month of consistently exercising and clean healthy eating, my body started to change. Though the scale didn’t budge for a while, inches were lost, clothes started to fit looser, energy levels were boosted, defined and sculpted limbs started to appear, and an overall sensation of physical and emotional strength started to manifest itself. Seeing visible results definitely motivated me to keep going and when more DVDs came out, I was ecstatic to be able to mix and match workouts. I strive to do P57 6 days a week and on days I have more time I throw in a more cardiovascular workout. I recently realized that on the Physique 57 Facebook page, monthly challenges were being posted, so I decided to tackle the November Challenge.

The Physique 57 Method is an empowering workout that has gotten me results that I love and made me more comfortable in my own skin. It has even given me a push to adopt a healthier lifestyle, because at the end of the day, a healthy body is product of a combination of healthy habits that add up. Working out is not an excuse to eat foods that don’t nurture the body. But doing a fun, effective workout like Physique 57 definitely gives me the drive to make choices that will help with the results I want to see from my workout.

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