Jennifer, 39, New York City, NY 

I’ve always enjoyed exercise and ran my first marathon a year after graduating from college. Since then I’ve run eight additional marathons. I’ve done some triathalons to mix things up, but always come back to running.

I first heard about Physique 57 in 2012 from a work colleague. I’d heard good things about barre class and enjoy trying any new workout. Right from the start I was hooked – I purchased the monthly unlimited and quickly made it part of my regular routine.

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I now take class 5 -7 times per week and find it to be an amazing complement to running. I just ran the DC marathon and heavily incorporated Physique 57 into my training program.  I substituted Physique 57 for many shorter weekday runs, while continuing to do a long run each weekend. Physique 57 allowed me to decrease training mileage while still being in the shape needed to finish the race. When I trained for the Philadelphia marathon while incorporating Physique 57, I PR-ed and broke 4 hours!

Running aside, the biggest benefits I’ve seen from Physique 57 have been in my core, increased flexibility and overall muscle tone. It’s been motivating to feel myself getting stronger and see how Physique 57 has helped improve my overall fitness.

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The feeling after each class keeps me coming back. It’s a mix of exhilaration, exhaustion, a sense of calm & accomplishment – a Physique 57 high!!! It is truly the best workout for both the body and mind.

I would definitely tell other runners to try barre. I can’t imagine my life without Physique 57!