Kathryn was looking for a new workout routine to help her achieve her fitness goals. After trying Physique 57, she instantly became addicted with the physical and mental strength the classes gave her. As she began preparing for her wedding, she kicked her routine up a notch and was amazed by the results. Read her story below.*
I know you told me it was hard but…wow! I kind of hated myself through the class but feel good now that I have had 10 min to absorb it.” – A text I sent after my first class in November 2013.

And now, I am coming up on a year and a half since my first Physique 57 class, and I cannot believe what an incredible journey the past 18 months have been. A lot has happened in that time span, from getting engaged to getting married, and from growing my business platform at work to purchasing my first home. But all of these exciting things in my life have been enhanced by my growing love for and addiction to the barre.

I don’t own a scale and I am of the belief that what matters most is how you feel in your own body. As I left my twenties, my metabolism slowed, and yoga and weekly tennis sessions were not enough to keep me in my ideal shape, particularly with certain areas like my lats and triceps. My boyfriend’s sister told me about how effective barre classes at Physique 57 were for her. Nervous because I had not taken a class in years that wasn’t in a zen yoga setting, but desperate to see some results, I signed up. I thought I was athletic, but Physique 57 was challenging for me in new ways; the class taught me that beyond physical strength, mental tenacity and a will to stay with a hard chair pose would produce results. My muscles were shaking, and I was wiped out after that first hour. But I proceeded to rave to my boyfriend about how amazing I was feeling for the whole evening afterwards. And so began my journey with Physique 57.

About 12 classes later I started seeing results. I was trimmer and tackling my days in the office with better posture. I still had work to do, but my growing addiction to Physique 57 was beyond achieving my fitness goals. I kept going back because of the mental and emotional highs from being in class. I found inspiration from the instructors and classmates- their positive energy always lifted my workout routine and pushed me to strive for more (maybe my side seat is tight today so I cannot get my Pretzel leg as high as it was last class, but that doesn’t mean I can’t increase my weights during the arm warm-up!). The buzz I got from class was incredible, especially each time I reached a new milestone, like completing my first Mixed class with only full-form push-ups or accomplishing a balance series in Mat 57 without falling over. The rush I felt also carried me throughout my days outside the studio, and I felt more energized and focused to tackle obstacles at work.

My husband proposed to me in January, and by then, I was already fully committed to going to Physique 57 2-3 times a week and loving how challenging each and every class was. But now, I had even more motivation to kick it into a higher gear. I ramped up to daily morning classes Tuesdays through Fridays, and fit in another class or 2 on the weekends. And without any changes to my diet, I was stronger and more flexible by April, and I was down one dress size! When my bridesmaids and I began discussing my summer bachelorette party, I was on a happy and healthy track that I did not want to be derailed by a weekend of binge-eating and boozing. The best and most natural solution: stay in NYC and have a private Physique 57 class with Instructor Julie and some of my closest girlfriends before painting the town red. With the exception of one bridesmaid, none of my friends had ever tried a barre class before, but we all had such a blast pulsing, squeezing and laughing together, and Julie put together an awesome bridal mix for me too!

Kathryn & her bridal party at her bachelorette party at the barre!
Kathryn & her bridal party at her Bachelorette Party!

The last few months flew by like a whirlwind – they always say brides-to-be naturally lose weight ahead of their wedding because there is so much to do, and I can’t disagree. I traveled for work, and would visit the Beverly Hills studio when in Los Angeles, or would rent the online workouts when I couldn’t make it to the studio. But when I was home, I kept my Physique 57 routine consistent throughout the summer months, and challenged myself to mix in more Intermediate classes. With lots of encouragement from Ashley Y, Ashley P, and Sherri, I went to my dress fitting with confidence. Even though I still had not stepped on a scale, my white wedding dress was so big it looked like it was easily 2-3 sizes too large. Even my custom-made qipao that was made to my measurements in late July needed to be taken in 2 inches when it arrived one month later. And the same went for my cocktail pre-stitched sari that I intended to wear for the end of my reception. It was an expensive tailoring problem but a wonderful one to have, and I could not believe the difference I made in a mere month. In the last week before my wedding, Sherri smiled at me as I left class and said: “You look great! You’re ready!” And she was right, at 31 years old in the best shape of my life, I felt confident and ready to walk down the aisle, all thanks to the fun I’ve had at Physique 57!*

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*Results may vary based on each client’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the Physique 57 program.